Harvard recognition

To commemorate the first climb and naming of the Sawatch Range’s Mount Harvard on Aug. 19, 1869, a group of Harvard (the university) alums, their family and friends plan to make the ascent on the same day in 2019, 150 years to the day later.

According to the National Geodetic Survey, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, at 14,421 feet Harvard is the second highest peak in Colorado – tied with Mount Massive – and the third highest in the contiguous United States. Only California’s Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet and the Sawatch’s Mount Elbert at 14,440 feet are taller.

The Sawatch Range is the most striking geologic feature of the Upper Arkansas Valley, but how the fourteeners in the range got their names is not well known.

It’s obvious that the Sawatch’s five Collegiate Peaks were named after colleges, but the circumstances of how they got their names is not exactly common knowledge either.

The group’s climb of Harvard will draw attention to the peak and the range, not that either entity necessarily needs the attention. Each year, tens of thousands of hikers reach the summits of Sawatch fourteeners, 15 of Colorado’s 58 mountains of 14,000 feet or more in elevation.

Counting the five fourteeners of the Mosquito Range north and east of Leadville, the Upper Arkansas region lays claim to more than a third of the state’s 14,000-foot-plus mountains.

There’s a reason to call this Colorado’s Central Peaks Region.

‘Got to Be Kidding’

Under the general category of “You’ve Got to Be Kidding,” place “The Hunt,” a Hollywood film about a group of liberal elitists who set out to find and kill 12 conservative “deplorables” just for the fun of it.

The content of the film, supposedly a satire, is shocking in itself. That a writer, producer and director, etc., would spend time on a film with this subject matter is incredible.

But even more stunning is that Universal Pictures, a major Hollywood film company, would be willing to put its name on the film and release it across the country.

According to Universal, the release of the film originally scheduled for late September has been canceled. But this does not mean that at some future date the film will find its way into theaters.

The controversy over the film comes after mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio, and Gilroy, California, killed some 36 people with dozens more left injured.

Even before these latest atrocities, however, hundreds of deaths have been recorded as a result of shootings in this country over the past several years.

Given this background, that a major company would put out this garbage – even as satire – and call it entertainment says something about the common sense – or lack of it – among Hollywood liberals.

Circus is ‘in town’

Salida Circus has turned around an old saying. Instead of “The circus comes to town,” it is “The circus is in town.”

Last week, some 30 kids showed off their circus skills acquired at Salida Circus’ summer camp, ranging from backflips to unicycle rides to splits to performances on a big trapeze swing.

Thanks to all who helped out with the program through the summer, including tutors, interns, volunteers, program sponsors and contributors.