Dear Editor:

I’ll start this way: I never had the luxury of college, at any price. As stated before, I worked all my life. At 15 years, that became full time to support my mother and younger brother.

When he finished high school, I continued to support both of them so they could attend college. My mother went four years, a degree in social services, child welfare something, I forget the specifics. My brother received a five-year degree in marine biology. He went on to a good career managing a commercial fencing company in Denver. Mother worked convenience stores in Denver, Leadville and Salida until her death in 2007.

My second wife had a degree in economics. She was a personal fitness trainer for 30-some years until her untimely death in 2007.

My opinion on higher education: It is put to use as many times as it is not. I speak from personal experience. So if the folks who are apparently in better situations than me want to donate to Salida schools and Colorado Mountain College, go ahead. I should not be forced to.

I have not seen next year’s property tax increase yet. If it only goes up $62.05, I still cannot afford it.

My propane tank ran dry on the 18th. I don’t know when or how much LEAP money (Low-income Energy Assistance Program) I might receive. That $62.05 will keep my home at 60 degrees overnight and my water pipes from freezing for about a month and a half.

I live on Social Security, less than $800 monthly. I do pay my share for roads, bridges, schools, etc. Always have. There is no increase in my income on the horizon. There is a tax increase. Pretty sure more next year.

Salida schools want property in Poncha Springs. No matter how they spin it, in order to purchase such, there will be more taxes. Don’t forget the CMC building taxes.

Don’t mean to sound selfish, but I have done my part, still do. There is no benefit to me, never will be in any of this. It is just tax increases.

P.S. Home heat or subsidizing someone’s higher education? I wonder?

Joel “Moe” Husen,