Dear Editor:

Owners of rural property in Chaffee County need to be aware of what is currently taking place. On Sept 24 the Planning Commission apparently approved a development called Cool Clear Water Townhouses. This development is six two-unit townhomes on the river near the intersection of CRs 160 and 163.

This is a high-density development in a rural area. The current zoning says properties must be a minimum of 2 acres. This was changed a while back from 5 acres, apparently to meet the needs of another developer who shall not be named. Now it seems that the 2-acre requirement is being ignored, as another developer must be catered to.

This development may not be in your backyard, but it could be. The county commissioners now have to approve or disapprove this development. They are scheduled to consider it at their meeting on Oct. 10. I would check to be sure that this date is accurate.

Please take action to prevent this type of high-density development in rural Chaffee County. Have a conversation with a county commissioner today.

Carolyn Hess,