Ark-Valley Humane Society

by Emy Luebbering

Ark-Valley Humane Society

On July 23 Ark-Valley Humane Society took in 14 small dogs from a Salida home that was declared uninhabitable by local officials. An additional dog was received the following day, bringing the total to 15 dogs.

After caring for these dogs at the shelter for three weeks, AVHS is now seeking foster care for them. A few kind individuals have opened up their hearts and homes, and we’re excited to report that four have already been placed into foster care.

Our ideal foster homes would be willing to take a pair of these Chihuahua mixes, as they have spent their whole life together and are pretty attached to one another.

The home would be able to dedicate a large bathroom or spare room to housing these pups and be willing to work on potty training and socializing these dogs as many of them are shy and skittish.

They have been through so much already, and we’re seeking patient and kind folks to help get them out of the shelter until they’re ready for adoption.

One of our dog fosters, Rebekah Lineberger, said of fostering, “Fostering dogs has been an amazing opportunity that I am so grateful for. As an AmeriCorps member, I was not able to afford a dog of my own and I wasn’t sure where I would be in the next year after my term.

“Fostering gave me an opportunity to have a dog in my life without the financial responsibility, and it gave the dogs a chance to get out of the shelter for a while and experience home life. I got to get to know the dogs and give the shelter more information on them that would help them find their adopter.

“And when a dog that I fostered got adopted, it was such an amazing feeling. I’d recommend fostering to anyone who isn’t sure about having their own dog yet or can’t afford it. It’s an amazing and gratifying experience.”

If you’re interested in becoming a foster for these dogs or other shelter animals, please email our foster coordinator at or call 719-395-2737.

Emy Luebbering is Ark-Valley Humane Society outreach coordinator.