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“Is it safe?” That line from the 1970s movie “Marathon Man” asks in three words a question that is pondered by humanity. (A good movie that made me anxious for the rest my life about going to the dentist!)

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With Christmas right around the corner, many of us have begun accumulating gifts and decorations so we may enjoy this time of year with our friends and family. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the many blessings in our lives, give thanks to those around us and care for others who aren’t as …

My husband, Peter, and I are spending a month in Spain, and we have left our worries behind. As a result, we have had to come up with new, temporary worries to occupy us until we get back home.

We’re so excited to invite you to our open house today for the unveiling of our new addition. After a lot of planning and work, it is finally done.

One of the most important traits of a good feedlot manager is the ability to assign blame. That is the reason they often employ consulting vets and nutritionists. It keeps them from having to fire regular employees.

The moniker “Poet of the Rockies” is a bold stamp to place upon a writer, one that some would not be able to live up to. It would take an education within the ranks of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad before Cy Warman could be honored with this title.

Earlier this week, we witnessed a historic act: For the first time since 1981, a new community has voted to join the Colorado Mountain College special taxing district, while simultaneously the existing CMC district has invited them in with open arms (nearly 80 percent voted yes).

For six months I worked at Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center in Salida. Working at the Visitors Center in Salida was enjoyable. Being a first contact and reference for many of the people who come into Salida was quite an honor.

The biggest … perhaps I should say “the grandest” question that mankind has to ask must be “is there a God?”

One of the not-so-small gifts of living in a representative democracy is that you can’t accomplish things alone. Whether you’re trying to get a stop sign put up on a dangerous corner or to change U.S. policy on greenhouse gas emissions, you have to reach out to others.

Two years ago in Dallas I met an 85-year-old woman and her 65-year-old son. Both were very hungry with almost no food in their fridge or in their cupboards. After they had paid their bills, their meager monthly income from Social Security was dwindling.

If your employer offers a 401(k) or similar plan, you’ve got a powerful retirement-savings tool at your disposal. And yet, how well you do with your 401(k) depends greatly on your choices and actions. What steps can you take to maximize the benefits of your plan?

The river below me reflected the blood red of a dawn sky, the countryside through which it flowed still a formless indigo.

I am writing this on Halloween, night of ghosts, goblins, trick-or-treaters and black cats.

Our ebony felines often receive a bad reputation because they are associated with Halloween, superstitions of the Middle Ages, witches and bad luck. It is an unfair bad rap, a wicked outlook with which many disagree.

My husband, Peter, and I have settled into the little house we are calling home for a month in southern Spain. The house is old and quirky – but I’ve come to believe that all homes are quirky in their own way.

The holidays are fast approaching. Families and friends will come together for food, fun and festivities. The kids will be excited to have time off from school, and parents will hopefully be able to spend a little more quality time with their children. 

The sea level is rising. We are in an “interglacial period” within the Pleistocene Ice Age, according to the learned. It has been melting ice for the last 10,000 years. So, we miniscule earthlings are fighting an uphill battle.

“John, if I walked in through the doors of the church, the roof and the walls would most likely collapse in on me.” This statement made by a man that I’ve gotten to know during a couple of years in California made me laugh aloud. Not just because of the imagery his statement created but also…

Neither memory nor imagination could conjure a more picturesque or perfect afternoon to be floating the river.

It’s sad to say, but in the last few weeks I have had numerous conversations with people about Social Security survivor benefits. The most often asked questions are: How soon can benefits be claimed, and will I qualify? The answer to each of these questions is not cut and dry.

Peanut butter is a staple that can be found in just about everyone’s pantry, unless someone in the family has a peanut allergy. The peanut butter sandwich is probably the most popular use of peanut butter, but there are a lot of other ways peanut butter can be used.

Cats have a reputation for being aloof. Research shows that may not be the case. They are social creatures capable of forming bonds with people.

In a 2017 study at Oregon State University, Dr. Kristyn Vitale and her colleagues found that a majority of cats preferred interacting with a person over eating or playing with a toy.

First, I noticed the owl. 

“Peter! Did you see the owl?” 

Our last Airbnb in Spain had a ceramic owl. So, when I found a similar owl – in a similarly inconvenient location – I took it as a good omen.

“What owl?” my husband, Peter, said.

At the Salida Early Childhood Center, one of our overarching goals for children is literacy. 

We know that children are born ready to learn, and research has shown us that the No. 1 indicator of school success for a child is their literacy level. 

Life has always been a balancing act between the haves and have-nots.

Book Review: “Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death” by Caitlin Doughty.

My grandmother always used to tell me that a dog will lie down and die next to you, but a cat would ruthlessly eat you upon your death. I was a child when she first told me that, and I didn’t have Google to verify the truth in her statements. I had trust in her adult wisdom.

As you’re well aware, we’ve seen some sudden and sizable drops in the financial markets in 2019. While market volatility is nothing new, the recent plunges happened during a period of general political and economic unease. 

Still, it can be harmful to overreact to such events – especially if it means making radical changes to your 401(k).

Halloween is next week, and snacks and punches for this popular, spooky holiday are in demand, so today’s recipes offer a few more suggestions for Halloween treats and punches for kids as well as for adults.

My parents live in a cabin deep in the north woods. I know this sounds like the start of a fairy tale. Sometimes it seems a bit like one. 

There are bears in the woods. Deer run in herds. The seasons are far more pronounced and extreme than those I am used to. After a day of glorious autumn sunshine on my bare arms, I woke in the middle of the night and saw, in the moonlight, snow had covered the ground, turning the green grass white.

With Halloween just around the corner, the Salida Recreation Department and Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center are excited to get into the holiday spirit.

We will start the celebrations by hosting a Spooktacular Camp Friday on Friday. Camp Friday is led by Salida Recreation and provides activities for kids ages 5-8 years old from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Fridays. 

Sadly, the Decker Fire with its evacuations reminds us that we never know when we might have to unexpectedly leave our homes. Having a plan of what to take and where to go helps in such a crisis. Remembering the needs of our animals is a crucial part of this.

Mankind from prehistory to space exploration has depended on animals for help in their quest for advancing civilization. Granted, often as bait or as guinea pigs but we have depended on them, nonetheless.

Next week’s Gospel lesson from Luke about the prayer habits of a Pharisee and a tax collector seems pretty straightforward. We start with characters out of biblical central casting and a surprising judgment from Jesus that may not be quite what we think it is.

Like many people, you may spend decades putting money into your IRA and your 401(k) or similar employer-sponsored retirement plan. But eventually you will want to take this money out – if you must start withdrawing some of it. How can you make the best use of these funds?

When my husband, Peter, and I met, we each had a dog. 

Peter had a collie named The Pretty Boy (Yes, “The” was part of his name), and I had a pound puppy, part golden retriever, part border collie mix, named Milo. The Pretty Boy died shortly before we were married, about five years ago, and Milo died just over a year ago. 

The brain is at its peak of learning during adolescence. It is the optimum time to learn new languages, musical instruments, critical thinking and more. It is also at its most vulnerable time for addiction patterns and destructive behaviors.

Ark-Valley Humane Society’s fifth annual Cause for the Paws will take place from 5-8 p.m. Friday at Salida SteamPlant, 220 W. Sackett Ave. 

Come out and support AVHS during our biggest fundraiser of the year.

I was just about to cull the cow when the boss sees me swingin’ the gate.

In 1883, the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad built the Monte Cristo Hotel, just across the F Street bridge. At a cost of $38,000, it was also a railroad dining establishment, set up to take care of hungry travelers on stopover.

“He is a Good Samaritan.” Many people recognize this sentence as describing someone who does gratuitous good deeds for others. It is hard to believe that a substantial number of readers know where the reference comes from.

She doesn’t have much patience for fly fishing. There’s far too much inactivity, too many periods of standing around staring into the existential void for her liking. She’d rather be off exploring, following her whim up hill and down dale, than deciding which fly to tie on or what strength o…

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