Peter was up before anyone else – as he often is. 

My husband, Peter, gets up early in order to have enough time to brood before busybodies like me expect him to engage in cheerful conversation. But this morning we were staying at my parents’ cabin, and there was a glitch in the plans. The coffee jar was empty. 

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I struggle with asking for help.  If you talk to any of my friends or family, you’ll receive a resounding “True!” 

That said, it’s something I’m working on, not only because clearly I need a lot of help in my life, but also because I am stronger and better with you. I believe we are all stronger and healthier when we can lean on each other.

Many dogs love to swim, play and cool off in ponds, lakes, streams and rivers, often drinking the water. Is it safe? Can their digestive systems handle what might be lurking in the water? Experience and knowledge answer those questions.

Some people are just flat good at handlin’ horses. They’ve got that good “horse savvy.” Matter of fact, there are people actually makin’ a livin’ trainin’ horses.

I was looking through The Mountain Mail newspaper this week, and several headlines struck me: “Sheriff’s office make five arrests this week,” “Salida police make arrests for DUI, identity theft.” Then there was an article on the dangers of vaping, yet so many are determined to do whatever th…

As the days and evenings get a bit chilly, it’s a good time to hunker down and read some dog books. There are so many of them these days, it’s often difficult to choose which to spend your time with.

Investment markets have been volatile lately as many investors are concerned about maintaining the value of their holdings.

Dusk settled over the landscape, the wind calmed and the forest became quiet. Only the river stayed constant, flowing soft and pewter under a darkening sky.

In January 1891, Hollis D. Spencer got a job as a police officer for the city of Salida, with a starting salary of $90 per month. Less than two months later, Hollis witnessed one of the worst instances of mob justice in Salida.

In Salida’s early days, the Denver & Rio Grande was a major employer in town. The railroad made up the fabric of Salida, and everyone either worked for the railroad or catered to it. 

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