Dear Editor:

I agree with Jo Taylor. Respect each others’ opinions. Stop making each other wrong. You prefer vanilla. I prefer chocolate. We can agree to disagree and still be friends. But pay attention to and challenge opinions that promote destructive actions and immoral behavior.

One could say, “In my opinion it’s OK to lie 12,000 times to the American people, to rip innocent children from their parents, to poison and plunder the Earth.”

Nope! Not OK. These opinions sabotage the values of our nation. They exemplify prejudice, ignorance and xenophobia. People who express these opinions are wrong and don’t deserve my respect.

I saw a T-shirt today: “Five things you don’t mess with … Family, Friends, Faith, Flag, Firearms.” If my family and friends are gunned down while worshipping, and my faith is shaken, how can I be proud of my flag, symbolizing justice and unity? Replace firearms with Freedom, Fun or a double whammy: French Fries. But I ain’t got time to redesign T-shirts.

DJT is a meteorologist and can predict hurricane paths, altering NOAA maps, then renouncing professional forecasters who disagree with him. He denies entry to desperate Bahamian victims because they don’t have proper papers. Imagine, a hurricane is at your doorstep. “Honey, forget the kids and pets. Apply for a visa and get our passports.” They didn’t have time for that, did they? Apparently, “family values” apply only to white families. But I ain’t got time for that.

J. Curtis Kovacs’ letter: Who’s this bitter, name-calling misogynist who wastes 500 words invalidating my life experiences and diagnosing me with “vaporous despondency”? This archaic diagnosis, coupled with “hysteria,” was used in the early 20th century to justify institutionalization and lobotomizing of women who expressed their emotions in ways that offended their husbands. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me. I will not be silenced by Kovacs’ abusive words.

Kudos to three teenage activists. David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez survived the Parkland school massacre. They’re relentless in their fight for gun safety legislation. David states, “I cannot live in a world where guns are worth more than children.”

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg organized demonstrations involving 4 million people from 185 countries to bring awareness to climate change. Her “How Dare You!” speech will go down in history along with MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. She says, “You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes.”

I ain’t got time for politicians expecting children to put out their fires, while setting more fires. These teens are beacons of hope and inspiration, but they don’t want praise. They want action.

Louis Armstrong sings: “When I think to myself, it’s a wonderful world.” Indeed it is. Injustice and cruelty have been around for centuries. We either succumb or we fight for a better world. I do have time for that! Gotta go. My cats are demanding treats.

Linda Taylor,