Dear Editor;

For the first time, I am on the other side of the “I’m not angry, I’m disappointed in you” discussion.

There are so many older people in town that keep disparaging the youth, especially those who would qualify as a millennial. You hear it on the street, in the store and recently on 92.3. “Why are they working?” “Why are they still doing things?”

To answer for myself, a 26-year-old millennial, I have to work during this time. Have to. With a huge student loan I am still paying off, rent, utilities and supporting my own mother who was recently laid off, I would still have to work even if it was a smallpox outbreak. The alternative is sharing a cardboard box with my mother and younger siblings, trying to get scraps to eat like dogs.

So stop, people, stop the shaming on both sides. There are those who have the privilege of doing a self-quarantine at this time and those who do not have the privilege. That is all. And when this is over, all that will be left are those who made people miserable and purified this town with hate and those who didn’t.

Be those who didn’t.

Etta Johnson,