There was no church in Salida until 1881 when a small, wooden structure was built on the corner of F and Third streets. It was a Presbyterian church, and it was due to the determination of the Presbyterian Society ladies that it was built.

Dear Editor:

The Envision process is over and we can consider it a resounding success. Thousands participated and it has resulted in many new initiatives to improve the lives of those of us who live in Chaffee County. 

More info needed on sewer trunk lines before taking action

Salida and Poncha Springs municipal officials met in a joint work session last week to review a contractor’s study regarding possible replacement of wastewater trunk lines.

Like anyone else who was around that day, I can tell you exactly where I was on 9/11.

I was a Catholic school eighth-grader, fresh off my 14th birthday. The school day lurched along for a while, but eventually we dropped the pretense of carrying on. Teachers ushered us into the adjoining church for a prayer service, then sent us home early.

Dear Editor:

After seeing the play “Hamilton” in New York this fall I have been inspired to read the acclaimed biography of the same name by historian Ron Chernow. It is from reading the book that I learned that Alexander Hamilton, while a proponent of a strong executive branch, also understood the risks of despotism and tyranny arising from such power – risks that made it imperative to provide the power of impeachment to the legislative branch (Congress).

Dear Editor:

Norsemen, rejoice! Thy brother’s hammer yet soundeth fury! Glad to hear from Mo Husen, a well-known, high-quality builder from a few years back who has since been through a lot of hell. 

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Salida Concert Band, thank you to all of the businesses that bought ads in our program. We greatly appreciate each and every dollar received from the community. 

Dear Editor:

In August, the Winter Shelter Committee met and set forth a plan to open a shelter during the cold winter months. Our mission was simply to provide a warm and safe haven for those without housing this winter. 

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank The Mountain Mail and D.J. DeJong for your coverage of the trial in Saguache of Steven Heimberg. The article and coverage were great. No valley paper had any coverage of the trial at all.

A perfect storm-plus

Those who have lived in the region for more than a year or two, and who use U.S. 285 to travel to Denver and the Front Range in winter, typically have a story or two to tell of their Fairplay and South Park driving experiences. 

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, what’s being described as a “perfect storm” hit travelers on U.S. 285 in South Park.

Why do you invest? For many people, here’s the answer: “I invest because I want to enjoy a comfortable retirement.”

Fire had swept through the landscape several years past, and the stream’s course was a tangle of deadfall that regularly turned navigating its banks into an exercise in precarious balance, scrambling and contortion.

To me, it was a thunderclap. Years ago, when I was in Congress, we were in the midst of a tense, contentious debate. Members had gotten irritated, levying charges back and forth, and tempers were rising. It was starting to look like we might just go off the rails. Then one member stood up, asked for our attention and said to us, “Let’s remember: Trust is the coin of the realm.”

Dear Editor:

A portmanteau word is a linguistic stitching together of words. Some call them Frankenwords, but some words just enjoy pooling together. This letter is called a “listicle” (list + article) Basically it’s an article assembled from a list of portmanteau words. 

Dear Editor:

The Greater Arkansas River Nature Association and Central Colorado Conservancy thank the Salida community for three nights of Mountainfilm on Tour success, with sold-out or near sold-out shows in Salida, Buena Vista and Leadville. 

Cranberries are traditionally associated with Christmas, probably because of their bright red color. They certainly add color to a table setting, and most of us can remember stringing popcorn and cranberries as kids to decorate the Christmas tree.

My husband, Peter, and I are returning from Spain by boat. The whole idea started when Peter read a book about the sinking of the Lusitania. 

“That sounds like fun,” Peter told me as he read.

“Death at sea?” I asked.

“No, the part before that,” Peter clarified. 

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Thanksgiving and the holidays that follow are a time to reflect upon our lives, remembering what brings happiness and meaning to our world. High on the list are our pets. 

Dear Editor:

“Throw him out. Take his coat first. Its 10 degrees outside. Tell him we’ll send it in a few weeks.” Amazing Grace, I guess, for Donald Trump, who carried the Christian vote by quite a margin. The “coat” incident was part of his job interview. He’s been quoted as saying it during a campaign rally in 2016.

Dear Editor:

Addressing the illegitimate vote approving 5A, annexation into the Colorado Mountain College district:

In a Nov. 7 Mountain Mail ad, the “Friends of Salida Schools” (fronting the Salida school board) offered a “Thank you, Salida, for those who supported.” They extended this thanks to “those who asked questions.”

Fine – except no one answered “those who asked questions.

Not since the Golden Horde headed east has Europe talked as much about security threats from Asia. 

When NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was asked recently about concerns for the alliance, he remarked, “This is not about moving NATO into the Pacific, but this is about responding to the fact that China is coming closer to us.” He got it exactly right.

Diana, goddess of the hunt, stands as a Roman heroine to a long line of female hunters. Even today there are many who have followed in her spoor that deserve to have their name written in mythology.

Dear Editor:

For the past six years, Informed Final Choices and the Crestone End of Life Project have sponsored a number of events during October. 

October 2006 is when we held our first open meeting to discuss the viability of establishing an open-air cremation site in Crestone. In October 2007 we received legal authorization to operate the open-air site and to serve our community. 

Monarch at 80 years

As of the day before Thanksgiving, Monarch Mountain is open seven days a week, putting an exclamation point on the start of its 80th year.

Going back more than 100 years, skiers have been plying Monarch’s slopes, but it was in 1939 that the mountain, owned by the city of Salida, became a ski area, a 500-foot rope tow powered by a Chevy engine pulling skiers up Gunbarrel.

Dear Editor:

I’ll start this way: I never had the luxury of college, at any price. As stated before, I worked all my life. At 15 years, that became full time to support my mother and younger brother.

Dear Editor:

Kickoff to Winter was a great success, opening doors to the community to attend the Salida chamber’s free winter mini-expo showcasing all there is to do in the area during the colder months. 

When you have to ask for a right, it ceases to be a right and becomes a privilege. And privileges, like freedom, can be taken away. 

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and cannot, constitutionally, be taken away. So-called red flag laws are an attempt to do just that, demote the “right” of the people to bear arms to a mere privilege. 

“Angels, from the realms of glory, wing your flight oe’r all the earth; ye who sang creation’s story now proclaim Messiah’s birth. Come and worship, come and worship; worship Christ, the newborn King.”

Downtown parking: Develop plans now

Dear Editor:

Kickoff to Winter was a great success, opening doors to the community to attend the Salida chamber’s free winter mini-expo showcasing all there is to do in the area during the colder months. 

Right now, one of the biggest unknowns for retirees is the cost of health care coverage. For those who retire before they are eligible for Medicare at age 65, this expense can take a hefty part of your monthly income.

I filled my mug with a handful of ice, followed by a generous dollop of single malt over the top and let it sit, allowing time for the ice to cool the liquor’s heat.

A year ago, voters passed Chaffee County measure 1A, a 0.25 percent sales tax measure funding forest health and wildfire mitigation, supporting working lands and addressing the growing environmental impact of outdoor recreation.

I lost a feather the other day, and I understand this does not qualify as news.

Thursday is the big day. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and all that. But come Friday the question is what to do with the leftovers.

For some reason this Thanksgiving, I’m thinking of sheep. The sheep industry is havin’ a fair year. One factor is lamb being included and advertised in specialty dog food. The sheepman’s equivalent market to fast food burgers.

Dear Editor:

We blinked and almost missed it, Salida has new city officials. On Nov. 19 Salida City Council and staff honored outgoing council members Mike Bowers and Cheryl Brown-Kovacic and welcomed new and continuing officials Alicia Pappenfort, Mike Pollock, Merrell Bergen, Jane Templeton and P.T. Wood. 

Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. Miller’s letters, let’s look at the other side of the picture. I feel that we have already done enough for all the dogs in this area. 

In this time, many people treat their dogs like small furry humans and they are beloved even more than people. We already spend tax money and resources on these ill-mannered, ill-trained and pampered animals.

An upward spiral

Chaffee County residential real estate prices continue their upward spiral.

According to Realtors of Central Colorado, the average sale price of a home in the county last month was $483,099, up 9 percent – $43,479 – from prices of a year ago, $439,620.

One in seven Americans say they use CBD products, according to Gallup.

The rising popularity of these products – which range from oils and gummies to topical salves and most everything in between – is staggering, especially when one considers that much of the public had never even heard of CBD two or three years ago. 

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