Peter was up before anyone else – as he often is. 

My husband, Peter, gets up early in order to have enough time to brood before busybodies like me expect him to engage in cheerful conversation. But this morning we were staying at my parents’ cabin, and there was a glitch in the plans. The coffee jar was empty. 

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I struggle with asking for help.  If you talk to any of my friends or family, you’ll receive a resounding “True!” 

That said, it’s something I’m working on, not only because clearly I need a lot of help in my life, but also because I am stronger and better with you. I believe we are all stronger and healthier when we can lean on each other.

Many dogs love to swim, play and cool off in ponds, lakes, streams and rivers, often drinking the water. Is it safe? Can their digestive systems handle what might be lurking in the water? Experience and knowledge answer those questions.

Dear Editor:

Flying in a single-engine small plane just a few hundred feet above the Arkansas River Canyon, I was struck by the diversity of terrain and the stunning natural beauty of the public lands just southeast of Salida. 

Dear Editor:

I ain’t got time for people who criticize my wife using rude and potentially libelous words. Linda Taylor is the love of my life. She is intelligent, thoughtful, funny and empathetic. She takes the time, which I don’t have, to speak out about controversial subjects. 

We live in seemingly divisive times. Politicians are at each other’s throats. Talking heads on the network news explain to us all the reasons we should hate and mistrust each other. Confidence in public institutions is at an all-time low. There seems to be nothing but bad news.

Some people are just flat good at handlin’ horses. They’ve got that good “horse savvy.” Matter of fact, there are people actually makin’ a livin’ trainin’ horses.

Dear Editor:

Outdoor recreation is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) growing industries in Colorado. Whether it is hunting and fishing, rafting or paddling, or hiking and biking, people are choosing to visit and relocate here thanks to our mountains, rivers and wildlife.

Dear Editor:

Friends of Browns Canyon would like to express our appreciation to everyone who attended the recent film screening at the SteamPlant in support of our local public lands. 

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