by Henry Netherland

Mail Staff Writer

The Salida Planning Commission unanimously approved a limited impact review for a minor subdivision at Two Rivers Commons during a virtual meeting Monday.

The approval will allow splitting lots 7 through 9 into two lots each and turning lots 10 and 11 into four lots. Lots 10 and 11 will also be reconfigured to face in a more north-south direction. The property line between lots 14 and 15 was removed.

The commission reviewed the subdivision June 25, 2018, and Salida City Council approved the project on July 17, 2018. The site is zoned as a central business district.

The project currently has a total of 19 lots, which remains less than the 23 that were approved by council.

In other business, Salida Regional Planning Commission members Greg Follet, Giff Kriebel and Doug Mendelson announced they would all continue their positions.

Community Development Director Glen Van Nimwegen announced that the Land Use Code Advisory Committee would have an online meeting at 4 p.m. April 6. At 6 p.m. that day the Planning Commission and city council will meet for a virtual joint work session.

The commission also discussed the Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan virtual meeting set for 5 to 7 p.m. May 12. Nimwegen said the county is still working out some of the details. The plan is available on the county website,

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