Salida High School officials recently announced the third-quarter honor roll and honor roll of distinction.

Honor roll of distinction

Students make the honor roll of distinction by maintaining a grade-point average of 4.0 or higher:

Freshmen: Kate Adams, Madison Anderson, Kuper Banghart, Seda Condell, Myka Daugherty, Arlo Follet, Annalee Hill, Bethany Johnson, Toby Lawson, Jennifer Lobeck, Ethan NeJame Zeiset, Gwen Ramsey, Vander Ritchie, Jessie Rollins, Mya Rollo, Maya Vallevona, Elena Wheeler and Elijah Wilcox.

Sophomores: Isabella Chambers, Cassidy Gillis, Ripley Judd, Colin King, Gabriella Kintgen, Lily Lengerich, Raley Patch, Sophia Pressly and Hannah Rhude.

Juniors: Carlos Barrientos, Ruby Brown, Frank DeCew, Kaela Earhart, Olivia Kelley, Madison Miller, Brian Morgan, Madison Patch, Finley Petit, Colby Pitts, Bowman Russell, Reilly Stack, Melena Vanderford and Jakob Vold.

Seniors: Dominika Bajer, Desirae Bayuk, Brooke Beasley, Addison Bright, Kolby Carothers, Alyson Dewberry, Kathryn Edgington, Jade Fell, Livia Follet, Camden Gillis, Alejandra Godina, Samuel Kearley, Athena Kintgen, Jasper Lau, Jane McBride, Melissa McKenna, Alan Mueller, Jordain Nichols, Laura Pelino, Hunter Redmon, Felix Roberts, Tyanna Rollo, Max Senter, Claire Shepherd, Sanghyun Shim, Kendra Smith, Madelyn Townsend and Lucy Whittington.

Honor roll

Students make the honor roll by maintaining a grade-point average of 3.7 or higher:

Freshmen: Hollister Beddingfield, Ruth McBride, Aaron Morgan, Kaya Schwarz, Zoe Thomas, Kaiden Veatch and Emma Wilkins.

Sophomores: Jade Barron.

Seniors: Abigail Krivanek and Kyler Weaver.

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