Salida High School officials recently announced the first-quarter honor roll and honor roll of distinction.

Honor roll of distinction

During the quarter, 78 students made the honor roll of distinction by maintaining a grade-point average of 4.0 or higher:

  • Freshmen: Amy Adams, Lane Baker, Sarah Chick, Chase Diesslin, Emma Diesslin, Elena Dziura, Aubree Ediger, Alexis Gage, Shaylyn Gallegos, Anna Grether, Ember Hill, Sydney Hillis, Isabeau Kaess, Jackson Karls, Amory Kindle, Kira Kuhl, Lily Leddington, Logan Merriam, Eric O’Connor, Juan Orejel-Rivera, Joshua Sparkman Tobin Wheeler and Rasalas Wickett.
  • Sophomores: Kate Adams, Amelia Capozza, Seda Condell, Rose Hales, Annalee Hill, Toby Lawson, Jennifer Lobeck, Ruth McBride, Ethan NeJame Zeiset, Gwen Ramsey, Jessie Rollins, Zoe Thomas, Maya Vallevona, Elena Wheeler and Elijah Wilcox.
  • Juniors: Allyna Bright, Kai Brown, Jayden Castro, Isabella Chambers, Cody Collyer, Maximus Ferguson, Saige Ferguson, Hannah Frost, Cassidy Gillis, Leif Gislason, Miles Harvey, Ripley Judd, Daemon Kerrigan, Gabriella Kintgen, Jackson Law, Maya O’Hara, Raley Patch, Rachel Pelino, Madelyn Porter, Sophia Pressly, Hannah Rhude, Joan Rigo Salas, Ellie Rodak and Ruby Shomion.
  • Seniors: Ella Banett, Carlos Barrientos, Jamison Batinich, Ruby Brown, Kaela Earhart, Gianna Fritz, Olivia Kelley, Sophia Lee, Madison Miller, Brian Morgan, Sabine Nelson-Pyle, Finley Petit, Colby Pitts, Reilly Stack, Melena Vanderford and Jakob Vold.


Honor roll

During the quarter, 41 students made the honor roll by maintaining a grade-point average of 3.7 or above:

  • Freshmen: Eoin Blackburn, Elise Bosanko, Brianna Collins, Madison Ferraro, Tatum Fisher, Kira Fritz, Edward Glaser, Madison Hansen, Alexandra Hebert, Tristan Jackson, Skyler Margos, Thomas Martinez, Rowynn Slivka, Alexis Smith, Margaret Smith and Eli Waldbaum.
  • Sophomores: Myka Daugherty, Samuel Harlow, Chloe Harvey, Ella Haynes, Alicia Hesselton, Bethany Johnson, Macy Mazzeo, Quinn Myers, Ella Nichols, Vander Ritchie, Mya Rollo, Kaiden Veatch, Wyatt Velharticky and Jade Whitten.
  • Juniors: Jade Barron, Cora “Fern” Clark, Jonah Ellis, Lily Lengerich, Elijah Roberts and Jayda Winkler.
  • Seniors: Enkhjin Batzul, Keagen Cox, Zeke Hersch, Elise Mishmash and Cooper Wood.

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