Longfellow Elementary School officials recently announced perfect attendance for the first trimester.

Kindergarten – Creed Abbott, Bentley Allen, Luke Bena, Lilia Codding, Aristotle Cordova, Calvin Evans, Isaiah Findley, Camber Franklin, Mabel Gartzman, Zachary Houghton, Gavin Keast, Raya Kontz, Abailia Kroschel, Forrest McClelland, Matthew Meador, Hannah Osness, Santino Paintin, Myra Read, Persephonie Rees and Jeffrey Snyder.

First grade – Tanner Adams, Grady Carpenter, Eleanor Cook, Kalypso Doctor, Jackson Gilson, Ezra Helmer, Kaden Kirchner, Drew Madden, Katelyn McClellan, Aksel Moore, Andrew Pizzola, Rilynn Stotler, Isabella Torres, Lauren Veltri, Lily Wharton, Jackson White and Asher Wilcox.

Second grade – Braydon Barry, Hudson Blondeau, Vivian Brown, Wyatt Burns, Colton Cooper, James Cudworth, Chloe Houghton, Leah Kelley, Henry Koch, Radisen Lawrence, Kamron Martin, Tara McQueen, Sara Nay, Chanel Priest, Kai Sh’Boe, Abigail Taliaferro and Harper Veltri.

Third grade – Kyna Boyle, Gabriella Camerlo, James Criswell, Emily Cuiksa, Ingrid Elisha, Scout Griffin, Cooper Haro, Emma Hawkins, Henry Hayes, Edgar Hernandez Soto, Eden Hines, Phoenix Joslin, Erica Knickerbocker, Clay Martin, Jarrek Mattix, Neil McClelland, Giovanni Paintin, Sydney Rohrich, Ocean Shin, Marcos Tafoya and Alyxia Wilcox.

Fourth grade – Alise Bauman, Lincoln Baxter, Bridget Bellingar, Skylar Bowers, Colbie Brown, Max Cooper, Ahvy Cox, Lilah Crawford, Raynee Elvin, Santos Evangelista Zeferino, Ashlyn Guymon, Emily Hanifen, Jared Johnson, Skyler Manriquez, Elijah McClellan, Lupita Montellano, Santiago Ortiz, Leah Paschall, Harper Payne, Ashley Pizzola, Tyaira SanMiguel, Linzie Sewolt, Ruben Torres, Nola Tracy, Gavin Wharton and Joaquin Wilcox.

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