Salida Middle School officials recently announced the third-quarter honor roll and honor roll of distinction.

Fifth-grade regular honor roll: Tao Adams, John Bartha, Elena Castro Guzman, Avery Damon, Skya Gorby, Illiana Herrera, Lillian Horsley, Chase Jackson, Kai Myers, Amelia Patton, Orion Post, Dilon Roberts, Ari Schuchman, Lillie Schultz, Cole Shively, Seth Sutton, Riley Swann and Maddox Tolsma.

Fifth-grade honor roll of distinction: Jack Baker, Hazel Brown, Isaac Cao, John Fast, June Hamilton, Sophie Haynes, Kaitlyn Jones, Sabine Juarez, Declan McQueen, Reagan Osness, Lucille Roberts, Maggie Sandell, Cadence Sewolt, Devin Walters, Kylee Wilson and Lev Wolkenbreit.

Sixth-grade regular honor roll: Ruby Bischoff, Lila Chavez, Ella Collins, Cooper Fisher, Maria Garbacz, Kaija Hinkle, Skye Hoeller, Madelyn Johnson, Graysa Kindle, Alexander Messa, Pren Miller, Abigail Nelson, Avery Reeder, Eli Schwarz, Eliana Valdez, Chloe Vallier, Caleb Vold, William Watson, Gavin Wierzbinski and Madisyn Wilcox.

Sixth-grade honor roll of distinction: Lilyanne Beck, Madison Castaneda, Kaylee Davisson, Matthew Edgington, Lexi Hartman, Jamie Hawley, Calhoun Hill, Francesca Hunzinger, Braeden Johnson, Kaylee Johnson, Henry Palka, Nora Paschall, Luke Regan, Hawkin Sather, Mateo Tressler and Stella Zettler.

Seventh-grade regular honor roll: Liam Cleckner, Reese Daugherty, Finnegan Devitt, Cedar Lengerich, Kaelin Martellaro, Bryce Rodrigue, Axel Sather and Caroline Wooddell.

Seventh-grade honor roll of distinction: Rian Baker, Megan Devenport, Elle Farnsworth, Kasey Glaser, Dylan Grant, Brennan King, Quin Lewis, Danielle Morgan, Ruby Mossman, Olive Ritchie, Raeann Shively and Ezekiel Wilcox.

Eighth-grade regular honor roll: Adyson Hadley, Connor McConathy, Makiah Parris, Nayava Sanchez, Elijah Smith, Hannah Wilson and Jase Young.

Eighth-grade honor roll of distinction: Kalister Banghart, Hayden Bevington, Karl Brown, Ryley Campbell, Eva Capozza, Warren Chick, Vanessa Christianson, Jessica Clinton, Daniel Edgington, Justin Grant, Nina Haas, Harper Hartman, Kyndra Johnson, Tyler Kause, Grace McFarland, Radana Myers, Isaac Nelson, Anthony Ortiz, Kendra Poplin, Otis Shin, Clara Streeter, Elise Tanner, Presley Thomas, Sylvie Wolkenbreit, Kate Young, Stuart Young, Tayla Young and Lucia Zettler.

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