by D.J. DeJong

Mail Staff Writer

Salida School board approved a recommendation to change Salida School District contract timing for the 2020-2021 school year at their regular meeting Tuesday.

New contracts will go into effect in August.

Previously the district’s contracts started at the end of September, which left certified new hires who started work in August a month gap before they received their first paycheck and no insurance until Oct. 1.

Teachers will receive a one time double paycheck July of 2020 to make up the difference for the 2019-2020 school year.

The board also discussed the budget process and the financial needs of district personnel versus what the district has the means to do.

One of the discussion points involved the cost of housing in the area versus what the district is able to offer in salary.

Board member Jeannie Peters said “We’re going to be losing people because they can’t afford to live here. We’re going to lose a lot of experience.”

People are reaching their decision times to decide if they need to move on, she said.

Jeff Post said he had heard similar conversations at the hospital, and in private industry in Salida.

In other business the board:

• Acknowledged the recent Succeeds Awards received by Longfellow Elementary School and MVP award received by Salida School District transportation department.

• Heard a guest report from Full Circle Restorative Justice about the peer mentor program at Salida High School.

• Heard a detailed report about Salida High School and athletics and activities from SHS principal Tami Thompson and athletics director Jim Coscarella.

• Approved a recommendation for two new staff positions to fill special education needs in the district. A full time special education teacher and special education paraprofessional positions will be posted.

• Approved a press release to declare vacant seats for appointment to the school board.

• Approved a payment of $7,470 in collaboration with the county’s Land in Lieu study.

Prior to the regular meeting the board met in executive session to discuss land acquisition.

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