Touring Salida

Employees of the Montrose Visitor Center tour Riverside Park with Salida Recreation Department staff. Clockwise from left are Connie Gabrielli, Kyli Rodgers, Rick Warner, Michele Gipp and Jim Duncan, all of  Montrose; Sarah Law and Ryan Wiegman, both of Salida.

Five employees of the Montrose Visitor Center got a tour of Salida Wednesday as part of a trip around southwestern Colorado.

The trip was meant to familiarize the employees with areas people travel to when coming through Montrose.

Visitor center employee Rick Warner said it was good to let people going from Montrose to Colorado Springs learn what there is to do along the way and to see how other visitors centers do things.

Also on the trip were Connie Gabrielli, Kyli Rodgers, Jim Duncan and Michele Gipp.

Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce, which is also the visitor center in Salida, provided the group’s itinerary, which included a tour of the town and a tour of Salida SteamPlant.

Salida Recreation Department employees Sarah Law and Ryan Wiegman were the tour guides, and they took the group all over Salida in a bus, starting at Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center and including Centennial Park, Loyal Duke’s Dog Park, Salida Golf Club, Longfellow Elementary School, Salida High School, the Touber Building, Chaffee County Courthouse and Marvin Park before finishing in the North F Street parking lot.

From there, Law and Wiegman took the group across the F Street bridge and around Riverside Park and the river walk, before finishing the tour at the SteamPlant.

Gipp said their trip had been wonderful so far. They went to Pagosa Springs and Alamosa before Salida, she said.

She said, being from Wisconsin originally, she was really excited to enrich her knowledge of the area and help other people learn about Colorado.

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