Uptown Grill

Partners, from left, Bryce Freeman, Pablo Solomon, Kristi Solomon, Jennifer Madrid, Jeff Schweitzer, chef Margie Sohl and Zach Stanley stand ready to welcome diners to the Uptown Grill.

by Mountain Mail Staff

The Uptown Grill opened July 6 on the south side of U.S. 50 across from Salida Hot Springs Aquatic Center and Centennial Park.

Three chefs and three business partners spoke with guests at 50 Burger about the need for more varied dining options in the “uptown corridor,” during the past year, chef Jeff Schweitzer wrote in an email.

“The consensus was that Salida is eager for a new restaurant with all-natural ingredients and modern presentations,” Schweitzer wrote.

“Another request that was heard is the desire to see more seafood on the menu.”

Schweitzer said chefs Margie Sohl, Pablo Solomon and Zach Stanley and business partners Kristi Solomon, Jennifer Madrid and Schweitzer all worked together at Laughing Ladies for many years prior to opening 50 Burger, and they reached consensus that another restaurant would be feasible.

After a rigourous search for a location, which the group could not agree on, Ron and Carol Stowell agreed to subdivide the former Bounty Restaurant property, bringing the price down.

“The partners jumped at the opportunity,” Schweitzer wrote.

Since 1950 the building has undergone many changes and expansions.

The new owners have remodeled the interior of the restaurant, separating the gift shop from the dining room, installing new flooring and new paint colors. The kitchen has also been redesigned.

The menu includes some of the Laughing Ladies classic dishes, including cornmeal-crusted snapper, honey-soy grilled pork chop and crispy chicken with red-eye gravy.

Seasonal produce will inspire a seasonal menu, and packaged foods will not be used at the restaurant in keeping it all-natural.

The restaurant has a full bakery in the kitchen, and the chefs are making sourdough breads.

Schweitzer wrote that the chefs feel “that this is the healthiest way to eat, not necessarily low calorie but prepared fresh.”

Bone broths will be made fresh and offered as a healthy appetizer. The broth is the basis for several sauces.

“Chef Margie is fond of calling this style of cooking ‘scratch cuisine,’ since everything is made in-house instead of being bought in boxes from somewhere else,” Schweitzer said.

The Uptown Grill will serve lunch and dinner with one menu offered from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., five days a week. The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The address is 413 W. U.S. 50, and the phone number is 719-207-4433.

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