Dragon Horse Healing Arts

Denice Garrou of Dragon Horse Healing Arts is offering HeartMath, a program which, in part, connects clients with the healing energy of horses.

Denice Garrou, Poncha Springs, is certified with HMI (Heart Math Institute) and is now offering her services at Dragon Horse Healing Arts.

Her office is at home and literally “in the field” since much of her work involves the healing power of horses.

“Most people think the heart is just a blood-pumping organ,” Garrou said. “This is far from the truth. The heart emits electromagnetic fields that change according to our emotions. HeartMath is a scientifically based program that teaches people to connect to the spiraling energy in the heart chamber to change their lives. It has developed a way to change old programming and bring us into new heart space.”

She explained that from the third trimester of pregnancy to age 7, humans are recording everything around us, which turns us into who we are. This includes any programming the parents haven’t broken, which can be problematic because it leaves the child playing negative “tapes” over and over in his/her unconscious mind.

Over time the stresses and trials of life can lead to depression, anger and other negative feelings. We are no longer resilient to environmental challenge and we drain precious energy. In that state we are basically living off cortisol.

HeartMath teaches how to work with these emotions and feelings, and in doing so our DNA changes.

“When I first heard the term Heart Math, I was turned off,” Garrou admits. “I’m not a math person. I’m more on the creative side. But the term ‘math’ relates to the scientific aspects of this method.

“Heart Math has decades of science behind everything it teaches. Tests were done, for example, to improve intuition of the heart. People were hooked up to monitors and shown good and bad pictures, and their hearts reacted to what was flashed on the computer screen, even before the pictures were shown. Our heart knows – it is intuitive. And the heart sends signals to the brain, which in turn affect the body, mind and spirit.”

Garrou has worked with horses and healing much of her life.

“I caught a documentary about horses and HeartMath, and the healing effects when people were paired with horses was amazing. If a person was in a state of noncoherence, being with a horse could turn them into a state of coherence. Some people don’t have memories of joy, and horses can teach them what that feels like.”

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