The city of Salida took in total sales tax of $877,871 during August, a 12.8 percent increase ($99,628) over August 2018.

The remittance included $634,167 from Salida’s 3 percent sales tax, $232,511 from the city’s share of Chaffee County sales tax and $11,193 from marijuana.

The city’s total intake outperformed budget projections by 9.9 percent.

Through August, the city has received $5,936,741 in sales tax revenue, up 10.7 percent ($575,487) over 2018 at that point and 7.9 percent ($432,878) over budget projections.

That includes $4,384,946 from Salida’s 3 percent sales tax, $1,484,443 from Chaffee County and $67,353 from marijuana.

Salida City Administrator Drew Nelson said Salida has shown a six-year positive trend in sales tax collections, and each month with positive remittances adds to that. August’s performance matches the annual performance, he said.

“I guess it’s a trend for a reason, and the numbers show that over time,” Nelson said.

Retail remains Salida’s highest-performing industry, bringing in $206,086 in sales tax in August and $1,408,142 in sales tax through August.

All industries are up in 2019 compared to 2018 through August, with retail followed by restaurants ($598,843), grocery ($454,927), lodging ($291,746), building supply ($249,377), automobile ($236,511), marijuana (136,875) and liquor ($115,739). All industries not listed have brought in $888,885 combined through August.

Every industry was up over 2018 in August, with the exception of the automobile industry (auto sales, gasoline sales and auto parts and accessories), which experienced a 52.7 percent decrease from 2018. That industry brought in $18,141 in August 2019 and $38,314 in August 2018.

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