Elizabeth “Betsy” Floyde

Elizabeth “Betsy” Floyde, licensed clinical social worker and Connectivity Counseling owner, works in her office in Poncha Springs. Floyde was recently selected for inclusion in the International Association of Healthcare Professionals directory.  

Colorado native Elizabeth “Betsy” Floyde, licensed clinical social worker and owner of Connectivity Counseling of Salida and Poncha Springs, was chosen in June to be included in the International Association of Healthcare Professionals directory.

The association is an online organization tailored for career networking and education and offers international exposure for members, connecting them to a global audience of experts, colleagues and patients.

A client services representative from the association said nominations are usually submitted by colleagues and there is no specific criteria other than being recognized by peers for excelling in the area of leadership.

Floyde said, “I feel pleased that I have been honored and that my work has been recognized by the association.”

She said she has extensive experience working in rural areas and has worked in various spots in the U.S. and in Australia.

“I graduated with a master’s in social work in 1988 with a focus on rural and transitional communities and advanced generalist practice.

“I had my first job in a mental health center in Alaska,” she said.

She then traveled to Australia for fun and said she loved it.

“I moved to Beaver, Utah, and was a mental health professional for the whole county. I married an Australian and moved to Kodiak Island, Alaska, where I was the designated child and adolescent therapist at the mental health center,” Floyde said.

Floyde and her spouse then moved to west Australia to invest in a raptor rehabilitation center.

She said, “There, I worked in three different towns in west Australia, providing mental health services.

“We had a couple of kids and moved to Tasmania, where I took a job as a specialist rural social worker, providing health promotion, community recovery and community development.”

While in Tasmania, Floyd said she lived in three different areas and was promoted to a senior social worker position for mental health at the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services.

In 2014, she returned to Colorado.

“I moved to Salida about a year ago after living on the Front Range for a few years. I started Connectivity Counseling a year ago,” she said.

In the Salida/Poncha Springs area, she primarily see seniors and accepts Medicare.

“I have a special interest in how well we age and using the recent leaps in neuroscience to increase our understanding of how the brain works and how to preserve and expand its capabilities,” she said.

As a generalist, she said she has a wealth of experience working with kids, adolescents and adults, and her passion is helping people know themselves better and guiding them on how to overcome obstacles that may be a hindrance.

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