Jodi Mews

Buena Vista – A Buena Vista native who now works as a real estate agent in Honolulu, Hawaii, will appear on an episode of HGTV’s “Hawaii Hunters” that will air Sunday.

Jodi Mews, who grew up in Buena Vista and graduated from BVHS in 1990, will be showing homes to a couple from Denver looking to relocate to the island of Oahu with their young son in half of the episode.

“It was three days of filming for about 30 minutes of TV,” Mews said.

“You’re trying to be authentic, but in your everyday you don’t have four cameras in front of you,” Mews said. Another element missing from most real estate transactions: If you flub your line, you get another take.

Mews worked in real estate in Cañon City until 2015, when her husband, who is in the restaurant business, was relocated to Hawaii’s most populous island.

Mews said the real estate market in Hawaii is varied.

“There’s no such thing as a tract neighborhood,” Mews said. “You can find a house that costs $2 million right next to a house that costs $500,000.”

Hawaiian real estate also has the concept of a leasehold, in which you can own a home but not the land underneath it, she said.

The goal of “Hawaii Hunters,” she said, is to demystify real estate in Hawaii, which many people on the mainland view as unattainable.

“People are enamored with Hawaii,” she said.

Still, mainland transplants will need to learn how to make do with less on the islands, where many things can be more expensive in one of the most geographically remote major cities on Earth.

“It’s always a culture shock when people are out here from the mainland,” Mews said.

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