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This screen shot of the Salida Council for the Arts website shows the new website design. The art work at the top of the web page changes at regular intervals. Log onto to see the improvements. 

Salida Council for the Arts updated their new website to increase the efficiency of their organization. The web address is

The new site launched Feb. 4. Its previous version was built February 2015. Leslie Jorgensen, marketing chair of Council for the Arts, said the update was necessary to adapt with the organization’s progression.

“Our previous site [...] served us well for those years, but as our programming has grown, so has our need for more functionality on our website,” Jorgensen said. “We were doing a lot of tasks manually, and with an all-volunteer board, we wanted to make sure we were being as efficient as possible with people’s time.”

She said the new platform would help them streamline their payment processing system, automate some of their manual tasks and pull all of their emails into one database.

Jorgensen said they had the opportunity to choose a new design that would update their look and “provide a stage to better highlight some of the truly amazing art and artists in Salida.”

The new site has a blog section where the organization will produce art-related stories and artist features. Community members are currently volunteering to write blogs for the site, but additional writers are welcome. They are also asking residents to submit art-related events so they can add them to the site’s calendar.

Work on the site began in the fall. Because their former web platform was up for renewal this month, they wanted to launch the new site simultaneously to avoid any new expenditures.

Ken Brandon, president of Council for the Arts, said the new website will provide a bright future for the organization.

“With the new website, we are delighted to have more time to spend on our programming,” Brandon said. “We’ll have more centralized information about [events and projects] on our new site. It’s going to be an exciting year for Salida Council for the Arts.”

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