The Answer is Not Written

The Answer is Not Written by Roberta Smith is one work of art visitors to the Salida Regional Library can see.

by Mel Strawn

Special to The Mail

World traveler and longtime Salida artist Roberta Smith has offered some of her work for viewing at Salida Regional Library, 405 E St., through February.

With the title of “Equations,” it is a group of quite amazing assemblages and drawing-mixed media images from an imagined world linked to our own – we readily recognize almost all the actors.

They are, however wrapped in familiar and strange ways. “Wrapped” is a key word to their magic, to their imagery.

In her own words: “Metaphysical explorations of the political and sociological dilemmas of contemporary life inspire this work … and my wish is that all can see how the timely can be juxtaposed with the timeless.”

Our great library offers much, and with its changing series of shows complements its racks and shelves of written works with such as Roberta’s to be read with the mind’s eye.

My viewing awards blue ribbons to these. Each, like any good book, dance or song is a unique experience – if we take the time to really look.

Let that looking sink in – it won’t hurt, and it can flavor the moment, your day and life.

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