by D.J. DeJong

Mail Staff Writer

The Sellars Project Space program Partnership for Community Action recently announced the third round of its Bookmarks for Burritos program.

The program, which launched a year ago, is looking for kid-designed images to be made into free bookmarks.

School-aged artists are encouraged to create a bookmark inspired by a favorite book.

Bookmarks featuring the winning artwork will be available at Salida Regional Library and all Salida-area school libraries.

Forms to enter the contest can be picked up at Salida Regional Library.

The Partnership for Community Action collects submissions regularly and scans them onto its website.

Winners are announced periodically, and their art is made into shareable bookmarks. Each winner also receives a free Mo’Quito burrito from MO Burrito, one of the program’s sponsors.

Anyone can visit to vote online for their favorite image.

Mark Monroe of Sellars Project Space said the program came about as a desire to introduce the concept of literature as art and vice versa.

Monroe said there weren’t many entries over the summer, and they are hoping that with the new school year more kids will want to enter.

Round 3 voting will begin once enough entries have been received, probably around October.

Monroe said the folks at MO Burrito had been “super kind” in their sponsorship of the program by supplying the free burritos.

For more information on Sellars Project Space and the programs and services it offers, call Jimmy Sellars or Monroe at 719-221-9893 or email or

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