Chaffee County commissioners unanimously approved an amended resolution for the Seven Peaks 2020 music festival during their Tuesday meeting.

Commissioners met with Sean O’Connell, representing organizer Live Nation, to discuss the resolution. The commissioners’ three main concerns were sound levels, Live Nation working with nonprofits on encouraging recycling with Chaffee County Public Health and Greater Arkansas River Nature Association and questions about how Live Nation might handle the COVID-19 virus.

Partway through the discussion, commissioners adjourned to executive session to receive legal advice from county attorneys Jennifer Davis and Daniel Tom.

O’Connell said organizers have been having several internal conversations about COVID-19 but are holding off any decision to see what develops.

He said they have been in talks with Public Health and GARNA about improving recycling.

O’Connell said Live Nation has teamed up with a nonprofit, The Love We Bring Foundation, working as a single entity and jointly responsible for leasing the property for the music festival. He said it was a new charity, put together by a member of Live Nation late last year, and they have not yet settled on any specific recipients. He emphasized that The Love We Bring Foundation was not created just for the Seven Peaks festival.

Commissioner Keith Baker requested that one of the amendments to the resolution include a paragraph confirming that The Love We Bring Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that meets requirements of Colorado Revised Statutes 25-12-103 regarding nonprofit organizations.

“We don’t have the power or authority to confirm that The Love We Bring meets nonprofit status, and we just want to indemnify ourselves,” Baker said.

Baker said he also wanted to mention that the county can cancel the event at any time “due to public safety,” which Baker said “bears mentioning with the current national health crisis.”

Commissioner Greg Felt said he would like to see some of the benefit to The Love We Bring coming back to the community. O’Connell said he doesn’t represent the nonprofit, so he didn’t want to make promises he couldn’t keep.

When asked which local nonprofit Live Nation would be teaming with for liquor concessions, a suggestion the commissioners had brought up before, O’Connell said they hadn’t made a decision on that yet.

Felt said that when it came to the sound level, the commissioners’ biggest concern was what rolling averages were at the property limits.

“Frankly, we don’t care what the levels are at the soundboard, the people there want to hear the concert,” Felt said. “We are concerned what it is when it crosses the property line, affecting people who may not want to hear the music. We are putting you on notice, this (sound level) is an issue we have, and it could factor into future negotiations.”

Commissioners said they would like to see the rolling average sound levels be about 80 decibels at the property line.

Another item on Tuesday’s agenda concerned a possible call-up of the Planning Commission’s decision on the preliminary plan for Larks Perch.

Felt said he wasn’t sure how to proceed, explaining that after they had some concerns about the sketch plan, the commissioners decided they wanted to call up each review and be part of the discussion. The item was scheduled to be on the April 7 agenda for review.

Because the Planning Commission voted unanimously to deny the preliminary plan, however, Felt said he didn’t think they needed to call it up.

Tracy Vandaveer with the Crabtree Group was at the meeting representing the applicant and said they would like the commissioners to review it.

Felt said that, at the applicant’s request, they would leave it on the agenda.

Commissioners unanimously approved:

• A request for a boundary line adjustment from Joe Cooper for 9325 CR 160 and 9693 CR 163.

• A request for a boundary line adjustment from SRVP, LLC for 7440 and 7374 CR 146.

• A request by Timothy Hiser for a heritage water subdivision exemption at 14580 CR 193, to subdivide one lot of 46.64 acres into two lots of 44.42 and 2.22 acres.

• A resolution to adopt amendments to the county land use code, Sections 4.3.1 and 5.2.3, regarding public hearings for subdivision exemptions.

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