The Salida Planning Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to recommend that city council adopt the Future 50: Re-Vision Rainbow Boulevard Plan.

Chaffee County’s Transportation Advisory Committee previously recommended the plan be adopted by Salida City Council as a guiding document for future development along the corridor, Salida Community Development Director Glen Van Nimwegen said, and city staff asked the Planning Commission to make a similar recommendation.

Van Nimwegen said Future 50 incorporated elements from the 2007 U.S. 50 corridor plan that for one reason or another didn’t get done.

The plan made a concerted effort to find ways to slow traffic that don’t involve changing the road. That includes gateways, Van Nimwegen said, which will hopefully let drivers know they’re in a different type of area and should slow down.

The project contains suggestions for improving the intersections along the corridor, particularly at Holman Avenue and F or G Street, Van Nimwegen said.

That includes a traffic signal at F Street or G Street. Planning Commissioner Francie Bomer said the city should be wary of putting a traffic light at G Street because it would likely involve reconfiguring the intersection, which could lead to all sorts of unintended consequences.

Commissioner Joe Judd said that decision would likely come down to what the Colorado Department of Transportation wants to do.

Bomer said that whenever CDOT does a traffic study in the area, Salida should be able to provide local insights that might not show up in a study.

The project includes recommendations for side street improvements between 14th Street and H Street, Van Nimwegen said, starting with painted lines.

Supporting businesses along the corridor is a big part of the project, he said, as is improving the city’s land use code.

The project also recommends finding a way to put in a cohesive off-street trail or sidewalk from Holman Avenue to Walmart, Van Nimwegen said.

Salida City Council will take up the matter at its meeting Tuesday.

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