Boys & Girls Club artists hold up their certificates and ribbons

Boys & Girls Club artists hold up their certificates and ribbons from the club’s annual art show at their gallery opening Wednesday at Gathering Grounds, 203 W. First St. The youngsters’ artwork will be on display at the coffeehouse for the next week. In front is Kaia Grauer. Second row, from left: Lilliana Gallegos, Zaylynn Bragasso-Longoria, Emma Adams, Eden Hines and Lillian Morrison. Third row: Fletcher Mattix, Santos Evangelista and Mayleigh Duran. Back: Americorps volunteer and event organizer Asya Meadows and Devyn Grundy.

by D.J. DeJong

Mail Staff Writer

Young artists from Salida Boys & Girls Club held an opening for their art display Wednesday at Gathering Grounds, 203 W. First St.

It is the first time works from the club’s annual art contest have been displayed in a venue other than Boys & Girls Club.

Lilliana Gallegos, 11, said it was “awesome.”

“I get the honor of the show and get to show everyone my art,” she said.

The show was organized by Salida Boys & Girls Clubs Americorps volunteer Asya Meadows and judged by Jimmy Sellars and Mark Monroe of Sellars Project Space.

Winners in the ages 6-9 category were: Kaia Grauer, first; Emma Adams, second; Zaylynn Bragassa-Longoria, third; Eden Hines, third; and Esme Eakins, honorable mention

In the ages 10-13 category winners were: Lillian Morrison, first; Fletcher Mattix, second; and Santos Evangelista, third.

Irene Alvarez, 13, won best of show for her body of work, and special featured artist was Devyn Grundy, 18, whose fantasy-inspired paintings will remain on display at Gathering Grounds throughout the month.

Other works will be on display for a week.

Grundy is also being honored with having two of her pieces selected to become part of the Boys & Girls Clubs National Fine Arts Exhibit.

Brain Beaulieu, Boys & Girls Clubs of Chaffee County executive director, said the show was an exciting opportunity for the youngsters and thanked Gathering Grounds for allowing them to have the gallery opening experience.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity,” he said.

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