Lynette Clemons

Lynette Clemons sits at her piano in her “music box” in the back of a 1963 ranch truck.

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a 2-ton 1963 ranch truck with a music studio in the back.

Since last week, Lynette Clemons has been giving voice and piano lessons in the back of a truck, parked in front of Box of Bubbles at Second and E streets, called Ruby Lucille’s Music Box.

Clemons has been teaching lessons in Salida for about seven years. Her business is named Ruby Lucille’s Music Box after her two grandmothers, Ruby and Lucille.

“They’re two important people in my life,” Clemons said.

The Music Box was born out of financial necessity, she said, because studio space can be expensive here.

“We just got this crazy idea to build on the back of a truck,” Clemons said.

Her husband built the structure, and she created the “look.”

The truck’s aesthetic was inspired by circus wagons, Clemons said. The cab of the truck serves as the waiting room. Clemons said the truck’s battery has been disabled so no one in the front can drive off with it.

A lot of the truck’s decorations, and even the truck itself, are salvaged.

“It just sort of came together,” she said.

Box of Bubbles has been great to work with, Clemons said, and it feels like a cohesive match between artistic vision and funky energy.

Clemons is originally from Kansas and went to high school in Manitou Springs. She moved to Salida from Leadville.

She grew up playing music and used to be a public school music teacher, but now she only teaches privately.

Clemons said she currently has about 50 students, about two-thirds of whom are children and one-third adults.

“As a culture we tend to consume music more than create it,” Clemons said. “It’s important to me to keep that music creating alive in people, allow them to make their own music.”

Giving lessons in the back of a truck is pretty novel, she said, but pretty much the same. She said she gets a lot of questions from the curious public.

“I’ve only had one person ask if it was a food truck,” Clemons said.

She said she likes the idea of music being an aesthetic experience, not just a listening one.

Hopefully, the environment is fun, especially for young kids, Clemons said, and she wants the kids to have positive memories of their lessons.

“I think the kids feel kind of excited, happy to come to this zany place,” she said.

The acoustics are better in the music box than in her former studios, Clemons said.

In the future the space could potentially be used for other things, though nothing definite is planned. She said she plans to have an open house during KHEN’s back-to-school block party.

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