Chaffee County commissioners heard a complaint about possible excrement underneath a residence in Buena Vista during their meeting Tuesday.

Chaffee County engineer Gary Greiner said he received a report from a plumber that he had found excreta underneath a rental home in Buena Vista while doing some work on the plumbing.

Greiner said he stopped by the home June 27 to take a look. He said he found a holding tank that appeared to have been recently emptied, but no one was home and he was unable to find access under the home.

Property manager Libby Butler and owner Judy Green were at the meeting. They said the property was a long-term rental, and the renters had contacted Butler about a toilet problem.

The renters said they knew someone who could work on it. A plumber, who Butler and Green said they believed was unlicensed, snaked the toilet June 24 then said there was a 90-degree pipe under the house that needed to be changed.

Green said she approved swapping out the 90-degree pipeline, and the plumber asked her to write a check directly to him. Green said he also told her there was a lot more work that needed to be done, but she thought she should have a professional look at it.

They had also been talking with a local septic company about emptying the holding tank, which Butler said happened either June 25 or 26.

Both Butler and Green said they were unaware of any excrement under the residence.

After hearing the discussion, commissioners voted unanimously to table the hearing until the Aug. 20 meeting to allow Butler and Green to ensure the system is functioning properly, with Greiner serving as the county representative to confirm.

County Assessor Brenda Mosby gave commissioners a report she described as her annual “I give you numbers that are going to change” report. State statute requires the assessor to make the report before July 15.

Mosby said her office has received 10 personal property assessment appeals, of which three have been resolved. She said she expected about five to 10 commercial property appeals.

The Board of Equalization will hear the appeals on July 26, 29, 30, 31 and Aug. 1, as needed, in the commissioners meeting room.

In other business in their regular meeting, commissioners unanimously approved:

• A resolution approving the Melton minor subdivision.

• A plat amendment for property at 9062 Range Lane, Salida.

• Interviewing candidates to fill the position on the Planning Commission left vacant by the resignation of Dan McCabe.

During a special meeting at 1:30 p.m., the commissioners unanimously approved a letter of support issued to the Fair Committee for use in its application for a special event liquor license with Poncha Springs for the 2019 Chaffee County Fair.

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