Larry Lorentzen

Lorentzen took office Aug. 7, 2017 and replaced Guy Patterson, who was hired Jan. 17, 2017.

The council went into executive session to discuss the matter, and voted unanimously upon return to ask Lorentzen to stay for two more weeks while an interim can be found. 

When asked after the meeting, Lorentzen said he had no comment at this time.


Council sets special election

Council voted 5-1 not to repeal the Salida Crossing Planned Development Ordinance 2018-04 Tuesday. Mike Bowers voted in favor of repealing the ordinance.

Council originally passed the ordinance in a 4-2 vote on March 21, approving the construction of Salida Crossings with Rusty Granzella and Bowers voting against.

Granzella changed his support Tuesday.

He said the situation raised two issues that are important to Salidans, the need for more affordable housing and the desire to keep a small town feel to Salida. He said he thought it best to let voters decide the issue.

Salida Crossings is planned to be a three-building, mixed-use development at 1520 E. U.S. 50, the site of the old Town & Country Chevrolet dealership.

Two buildings would be 44 feet, 6 inches high, while the third would be 37 feet, 8 inches, all variances on Salida’s existing height limitations.

The buildings would contain 122 residential units, of which 30 would be deed restricted.

A referendum petition was filed April 19 protesting the ordinance, and the initial determination of referendum petition sufficiency was issued April 26.

Council unanimously voted to set the election date for Sept. 25, and approved three additional issues to be placed on the ballot.

The first issue will be the approval to opt out of Senate Bill 152, which prohibits most uses of municipal money for infrastructure to improve local broadband service without first going to a vote of the people.

This will allow the city to be authorized to provide high-speed internet, telecommunication services and/or cable television services, either directly or indirectly, with public or private sector partners.

The other two issues ask whether to change the position of city clerk and city treasurer to 2-year positions appointed by the council, instead of 4-year elected positions.

In other business council:

• Voted to appoint Giff Kriebel and Linda Eiler as alternates to the Salida Planning Commission, with Kriebel serving until May 7, 2020 and Eiler serving until March 21, 2020.

• Unanimously approved the property exchange between SSG Holdings LLC, and the city. SSG Holdings will receive approximately 8 acres south of the city off CR 107, while the city will receive a 1.75 acre parcel between CR 108 and the city owned parcel that was the old city dump site. The county will receive 3.86 area parcel adjacent to Woodlawn Cemetery.

• Unanimously approved the revocable license agreement and a price increase beginning next year for downtown street patios. The rate will increase from $3 per square foot per year to $4.

• Approved a resolution to continue using the Colorado State Investment Pool.

City Finance Director Jodi McClurkin said that the city is already investing, and that one fund is ending and another beginning.

She said it would have no affect on the city’s investments, although it might be possible for the rates to go up slightly.

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