by Brian McCabe

Mail News Editor

Chaffee County commissioners approved requests from four land use code public hearings and tabled the other two Tuesday during their regular meeting.

The commissioners approved the major subdivision sketch plan for SMC Ranch, 9250 CR 156, Salida, which combines several lots into 117.4 acres and divides it into 58 lots with roads.

The presentation to the Planning Commission showed the minimum lot size at 1.2 acres, using density averaging. The sketch plan presented to the commissioners Tuesday increased the density average of the lots to 2.0 acres.

One of the options within the motion that commissioners passed was the right to “call up for review” the preliminary sketch, which is usually reviewed only by the Planning Commission.

Commissioners approved the Mountain Shadows major subdivision preliminary plan/final plat, 12498 and 12500 CR 140, Salida, dividing 11.04 acres into five lots, with the minimum lot size being 2.05 acres.

Commissioners approved the Nola minor subdivision final plat, dividing 4 acres into two 2-acre lots at 7505 CR 156, Salida.

They will vote on the final resolutions for Mountain Shadows and Nola at their Oct. 1 meeting.

Commissioners passed the Crosswinds major subdivision sketch plan for 102 Tailwinds Drive, Buena Vista. The plan calls to divide 42.9 acres into 16 lots. Some or all of lots 7-16 are in the Buena Vista Airport Overlay District, and a report from the Federal Aviation Administration is still needed to move forward with the project.

Commissioners voted unanimously to table the Williamson minor subdivision final plat hearing after some questions arose about the building envelope for lot 2.

The project, at 6275 CR 178, would divide 9.6 acres into two lots, one at 5 acres and one at 4.6 acres.

The commissioners will visit the site at 8:30 a.m. Thursday before revisiting the hearing at their Oct. 1 meeting.

They also voted unanimously to table the Cool Clear Water major impact review for townhouses to the Oct. 10 meeting, after the Planning Commission requested some changes from the developers.

In other business representatives from the Extraordinary Teen Council and Communities That Care raised concerns about HB 19-1230, a bill that allows local governments to establish marijuana hospitality establishments.

Commissioner Greg Felt thanked the teens for the presentation and said the commissioners would take it under consideration but needed to think and deliberate on it.

County Attorney Jennifer Davis suggested holding a public hearing about the county’s stance on the bill.

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve:

• Continued funding for Southwest Conservation Corps for $15,000, but asked the organization to explore funding through the Chaffee Common Ground grant funding program.

• A request from Central Colorado Conservancy for $60,000 from the county’s Conservation Trust Fund. Commissioners agreed to backstop the request with trust fund money, but suggested the conservancy talk to Chaffee Common Ground for future funding.

• A request from Salida Montessori Charter School to use the north building at the fairgrounds for indoor recreation from October to December on Mondays and Tuesdays. Commissioners agreed to rent it for the reduced rate of $500.

• The fourth draft of the county Public Meeting Policies and Procedures document.

The commissioners also voted to table a stipulation in water case no. 16CW3103 after talking with water attorney David Shohet. They are waiting to hear a response from the Pueblo Board of Water Works.

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