A broken ankle, a collection of bruises and a real-life adventure story to tell the folks back home is what Amanda Morris-Hartough, 28, of San Antonio, Texas, received for her birthday following a snowmobile crash Wednesday afternoon on Marshall Pass.

Morris-Hartough said she is originally from Florida and now lives in Texas. She wanted to come to Colorado and experience winter and do “wintry things” for her Jan. 2 birthday.

She said she, her husband and guide Jon Brower from All Seasons Adventures Inc. of Poncha Springs were on a snowmobile tour Wednesday on Marshall Pass.

As they were coming around a curve, she said she didn’t shift her body weight enough and the snowmobile went over the side and down a 200-foot drop.

She said she stayed on the snowmobile for the first 100 feet but then was thrown and slid down the rest of the way.

“My helmet came off, and my goggles and gloves,” she said.

Brower called All Seasons Adventures owner Steve Criswell, who then called the sheriff’s office.

While waiting for help, Brower built a fire to keep Morris-Hartough warm.

Fellow guide Katie Criswell also hurried to the scene to help.

Chaffee County Search and Rescue South volunteers with snowmobiles were dispatched to the scene at about 1:30 p.m., Tracy Lehman of Search and Rescue South said.

After reaching the area, two emergency medical technicians went up to the crash site on snowmobiles to assist, Lehman said.

Morris-Hartough was moved to a place where she could be put on a snowmobile.

Other Search and Rescue South members helped guide Morris-Hartough and the rest of the party out of the area.

She was taken by Chaffee County EMS to Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center, where she was treated for a broken ankle.

Morris-Hartough said she is happy her accident only resulted in a broken ankle.

“Everybody was so awesome, so helpful and nice,” she said. “It would have been a lot worse but for the people there.”

Steve Criswell said he thought his guides did an “awesome job” taking care of Morris-Hartough.

“I’m glad to have guides who are sensible. I’m proud of them,” he said.

He added that he thought the snowmobile Morris-Hartough was riding was probably a loss.

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