Following more than 6 months of negotiation, the Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado Energy Office, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and Association of Global Automakers have reached a consensus agreement on a proposed Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) regulation.

The entities are submitting the joint alternative regulatory proposal to the Air Quality Control Commission for consideration. If approved by the commission, it will accelerate availability of ZEV options for Colorado consumers beginning in January, while also ensuring a smooth transition into the program for automakers, according to a press release.

The proposal would make Colorado the first state in roughly a decade to enter into the ZEV program and the first to do so through a negotiated rule-making with industry.

The agreement proposes a ZEV standard with provisions for credits to transition into the program and provide incentives for early sales.

All other states adopting the ZEV program over the past 15 years have included credit bank provisions. The Colorado proposal also includes an early action credit option to make more vehicles available to residents sooner and some limitations on the use of credits, designed to ensure greater ZEV sales in the state.

Under federal law, the rule does not go into effect for two years, but the early action option will provide an incentive for more model availability as soon as January.

Colorado has already taken action to support a market for electrified vehicles, including offering consumer incentives, more charging stations and plans for government purchases of electric vehicles.

“Our collaborative efforts in Colorado build on months of hard work and discussion,” Colorado Energy Office Executive Director Will Toor said. “The result of having the two major associations of automobile manufacturers supporting our resulting joint alternative regulatory proposal is unprecedented and a testament to the success of our careful analysis and collaboration.” 

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and Global Automakers are submitting the joint consensus proposal on behalf of their members, who represent about 99 percent of light-duty vehicle sales in Colorado.

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