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A new campaign to encourage people to shop locally features this sign, which includes hashtags to promote the campaign. This and other promotional signs are available for business owners to download at salidabusinessalliance.org/shop-local/.

Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce, Salida Business Alliance and The Mountain Mail have launched a “Shop Lo-ho-ho-cal” campaign to encourage holiday shoppers to shop local businesses first.

Vickie Sue Vigil, SBA president, said they hope to get people to shop for gifts locally before going on the internet or making purchases elsewhere.

“It’s most important for people to be aware there are a lot of special and unique businesses in the area,” Vigil said.

She also emphasized that buying locally means that more sales tax money stays in the community.

Statistics listed in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide supplement to The Mountain Mail state that 48 percent of each purchase at a local independent business is recirculated locally.

Supporting local business returns money to the local economy in three ways, the American Independent Business Alliance asserts:

Direct: Local businesses pay into the local economy through inventory, utilities, equipment and employee wages.

Indirect: Dollars spent by local businesses continue to recirculate in the community.

Induced: More consumer spending occurs as employees, business owners and others spend the resulting income locally.

Independent businesses return three times more money back to the community than do chain competitors, the alliance stated.

Vigil said another advantage to shopping locally means consumers can touch, feel and see the item they are purchasing.

She said they realize many people now shop online or in other places, but they hope people will try local businesses first, not just during the holiday season but year-round.

A hashtag campaign aimed at younger shoppers is also part of the push to encourage shopping locally.

“Sales tax dollars support our community,” she said.

For more information about shopping locally, visit salidabusinessalliance.org.

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