Thursday marked the judging for 4-H large animal categories.

Swine were the subject of the morning’s judging as 4-H members drove their animals and presented them to judge Shelby Teague of Fort Morgan.

Morgan said the Chaffee County competitors as a whole produced high quality animals for showing.

“Very few counties can put together a drive that looks this good,” she said.

Rivers Hill, 10, said this was her first time showing large animals. She said the toughest part of showing animals was “letting them go.”

Teague also judged 4-Hers on their showmanship, looking for those who made eye contact with her and who were knowledgeable about their animals.

Sheep and goats were shown in the early afternoon with Sydney Bowman of Fort Lupton acting as judge for both.

She said the quality and depth of the animals she judged were exciting to her.

She said she loved to see the younger and older competitors demonstrate their showmanship with their animals.

Sydney Rohrich, 8, has shown small animals in open class in the past, but as an 8-year-old she was old enough to show larger animals. Sydney showed her goat, as a full-fledged 4-H competitor this year.

She said her favorite part of the program is the time spent with family and that “I can do all this.”

Early-evening competition was reserved for the 4-H beef show. Judge Holly Heckendorf of Fort Collins judged four classes of steers and senior and junior classes of showmanship.

She said the showmanship event is a great event that teach kids a lot.

By the time showmanship rolled around, several of the bovines were restless, causing some problems for a few competitors, but Heckendorf was complimentary to all of the competitors, offering tips to improve their showmanship in future competition.

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