The Poncha Springs Board of Trustees voted unanimously Monday to table its public hearing of the annexation petition and accompanying zoning map amendment from Tailwind Group LLC until the April 27 meeting.

Monday’s meeting was held electronically because Poncha Springs Town Hall was not open to the public. All votes were taken by roll call.

The public hearing was tabled because trustees said it was wrong to conduct a public hearing with the public unable to attend and deliver comments in an efficient manner. Trustees will need to decide whether they will need to table it again before April 27.

In other business, trustees unanimously voted to enter a copy of Gov. Jared Polis’ March 10 Declaration of Emergency into the record.

Following that, they unanimously passed a resolution declaring a local emergency and providing emergency authority effective immediately. They removed portions of Section 5 they thought were redundant or unnecessary. They also changed the beginning of the section so that Brian Berger, town administrative officer, and Mayor Ben Scanga would both need to approve any listed actions in the subsection instead of Berger alone.

Subsections removed would have established a curfew, directed an evacuation of all or part of the town and restricted certain goods that were already covered in a previous subsection.

Under Section 8, the board added the word “medically” before “prudent” for additional detail.

Trustees unanimously passed an ordinance that increases the membership of the Planning Commission to seven. All members will now be appointed by the board of trustees instead of just the mayor.

The board unanimously passed a liquor license renewal for Chaffee County Fairgrounds, a memorandum of understanding with Guidestone Colorado and an expenditure for a water system SCADA replacement.

Trustees voted unanimously to give staff direction to move forward with Option 2 of the Sabeta Avenue Improvement Project. The option includes curbs and gutters on both sides and a sidewalk on one side of the 34-foot-wide street.

The April 13 planning and zoning meeting was pushed back to April 27, although members said they are unsure if restrictions will be lifted on access to public buildings by then.

In Berger’s report, trustees discussed how the town should consider making financial contributions to Chaffee County Community Foundation. They decided that a proposal should be brought to their April 27  meeting. Trustees will need to submit ideas by April 20.

Berger said municipal court on April 15 would most likely be canceled, but it will depend on forthcoming conditions.

He also suggested looking at alternatives to the annual Easter egg hunt. One suggestion was having the Easter bunny drop eggs off at doorsteps.

Trustees voted unanimously to pay the bills.

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