Salida High School’s Academic All-State honorees

Salida High School’s Academic All-State honorees gather Monday at the school. From left front are  Raley Patch, Cora “Fern” Clark, Lily Lengerich, Maria Nelson, Jake Vold, Frank DeCew and Jason Joslin. Middle: Quinn Burkley, Meaghan Carlton, Jamison Batinich, Madie Patch, Kai Brown, Reilly Stack, Nathaniel “Bean” Minor and Maislyn Haynes. Back: Sage Lau, Ben Fuller, Nicholas “Cole” Walters-Schaler, Quinn Bosanko, Finley Petit, Rodolfo “Israel” Montellano, Maximus Ferguson and Isaac LaGree. Other students honored include Isabella Chambers, Sophia Lee, Miles Murphy, Colby Pitts, Bowman Russell and Keegan Piencikowski.

Twenty-nine Salida High School students recently were named to the Colorado High School Activities Association fall individual Academic All-State teams.

Of the 29 students, CHSAA Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green said 22 of the Spartans and Lady Spartans earned first-team All-State honors.

“It is always an honor to recognize our athletes that are excelling academically,” SHS Athletic Director Jim Coscarella said. “As an athletic director I am proud knowing that these kids are achieving the highest standards and becoming well-rounded student athletes. I just want to thank them for their hard work and representing our school and community.”

First-team honors go to students with a 3.6 grade-point average or higher. Students with grade-point averages between 3.3 and 3.59 received honorable mention recognition.

To earn Academic All-State status, the student must also be a significant contributor on his/her athletic team or a major contributor in his/her activity; meet specific academic criteria of the program; be a participant in one or more CHSAA-sanctioned activities; and be a junior or senior in academic standing.

Salida’s first-team All-State members are Cora “Fern” Clark, Maislyn Haynes, Frank DeCew, Jason Joslin, Finley Petit, Reilly Stack, Jakob Vold, Benjamin Fuller, Meaghan Carlton, Jamison Batinich, Isabella Chambers, Sage Lau, Lily Lengerich, Madison Patch, Raley Patch, Sophia Lee, Miles Murphy, Quinn Bosanko, Kai Brown, Maximus Ferguson, Colby Pitts and Bowman Russell.

Honorable mentions were awarded to Nicholas “Cole” Walters-Schaler, Keegan Piencikowski, Isaac LaGree, Maria Nelson, Quinn Burkley, Nathaniel “Bean” Minor and Rodolfo “Israel” Montellano.

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