Hunters who take a friend along with them and help them learn the ins and outs of the sport can now win some prizes.

To encourage hunters to take a friend with them into the field, Colorado Parks and Wildlife created a contest for mentors who pass on their knowledge.

“There’s a lot to learn and a lot of regulations as far as going hunting,” Travis Duncan, CPW public information officer, said. “Having a friend who’s into it and knows the niche really helps break down the barriers to get involved.”

To be eligible to enter the contest, the mentor must work with their mentee at least three times, including an actual hunt. They can also help them with their scouting and navigation skills or purchasing gear; help them with handling of firearms or bows, shooting technique and sighting in; or teach them to process, preserve and cook the wild game.

“We try to offer classes and things, but there’s a lot to learn no matter what you’re hunting,” Duncan said. “It helps build confidence when you go out with a friend and also makes sure you’re doing things in a proper way.”

Both the mentor and mentee must be 18 years old at the time of the submission. They must follow all applicable Colorado hunting regulations. The mentee must be someone who has never hunted, hasn’t hunted since 2014 or only hunted in 2018, and the mentor must have hunted three years between 2014 and 2018.

Then, after taking a novice hunter out in the field, the mentor must submit a photograph and a brief story, 100 words or less, about the experience. Submissions will be judged by their ability to inspire.

Gift cards of $500 or more to Scheels, Bass Pro Shops and Sportsmen’s Warehouse are among the prizes.

The contest begins Thursday and will remain open until Feb. 28.

Complete contest rules can be found at

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