Salida Recreation, in partnership with the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments, will host electronics recycling from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug. 17 in the parking lot of Marvin Park, 900 W. First St.

Area residents will be able to recycle their televisions, monitors, CPUs, printers and other small electronics at a reduced cost, according to a press release.

Examples of the prices include: televisions and monitors, 25 inches or less, $20; 26 inches or more, $35; desktop computers, printers, laptops, microwaves or scanners, $5; large format printers, $10; fluorescent tube light bulbs, 50 cents per foot; small electronics (clocks, telephones, etc.) $1-$3 each; cellphones, rechargeable batteries and ancillary items (cords, speakers, keyboards, mice) will be accepted free of charge.

Most electronics will be accepted, but devices containing Freon, such as air conditioners or refrigerators, cannot be accepted.

Only cash and checks will be accepted.

Prices vary on larger items; call Salida Recreation at 719-539-6738 with questions.

Beth Lenz, UAACOG recycling director, said many people ask why they have to pay to recycle electronics. “Items, such as printers and laptops are broken down by hand,” she explained. “The labor costs, in most cases, exceed the value of the components that are to be recycled.”

In addition, she said old CRTs contain lead. “It’s a hazardous material that needs to be handled properly, or else we end up with contaminants in the air and in the water,” Lenz said. Those contaminants also pose a risk to workers who must handle them.

Colorado implemented a landfill ban on electronics in July 2013. Waste electronics and computers, from both residential and nonresidential sources, cannot be disposed of in Colorado solid waste landfills.

A Colorado-registered electronics recycler will recycle all electronics, which will be recycled responsibly and all hard drives destroyed to ensure privacy. Businesses can request a “Certificate of Recycling” for an additional $5 per item.

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