With blood (maybe), tears (probably not) and dreams left out on the football field Wednesday, the senior/sophomore team in black found a way to beat the junior/freshman team in white, 27-21 in overtime at the Salida High School Homecoming Powder Puff football game.

White started the game with the ball on the 50-yard line, striking first by marching it down under the leadership of junior quarterback Rachel “Rocket” Pelino. That put White up 7-0 with an automatic point-after-touchdown (PAT).

The legs of senior Ruby “The Bullet” Brown and the hands of senior Madie “Pumpkin” Patch as both quarterback and receiver ruled the day for Black.

On the first touch for Black, Brown gained the corner and kicked in the afterburners, leaving everyone in her dust to score, tying it up 7-7.

White marched down the field, making good use of the clock, before Pelino ran it in on the quarterback keeper to put White up 14-7.

Black took over, and while Brown kept looking to get out around the corners, the White defense did a great job of taking those lanes away from her and forcing her back in, preventing Black from being able to tie it back up before halftime.

Black started the second half with the ball, but the backfield of Patch, Brown and senior Jamison “the Bat” Batinich had trouble holding onto the ball.

Brown dropped a key pass on fourth-and-5 to turn it over on downs.

The Black defense roared back, stopping White cold, and took the ball back on downs.

Brown again had a couple of strong runs to set Black up, with Patch receiving this time, catching a wide-open pass in the end zone, to tie it back up at 14-14.

White took over at the 50 and, like General Sherman marching on Atlanta, moved the ball steadily down the field, but Black defense stepped up, with senior Zakiah “Z” Berry getting the big stop in the backfield to force a turnover on downs.

Black came back with a series of déjà vu plays.

Brown ran the ball to the 4-yard line before Black was penalized 10 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct, after the coaches left their coaching box.

Black bounced back quickly with Patch catching her second pass for her second TD.

Black went ahead for the first time, up 21-14.

White started with the ball on the 40 after Black was penalized 10 yards for excessive celebration and after a 36-yard run was able to punch it in with 12 seconds left to tie the game at 21-21.

The two teams went into overtime and used the Kansas Plan, where both teams start on the 20-yard line and take their shot. It was decided that if it was still tied after each side took the ball, they would kick PATs to determine the winner.

White won the toss and started moving the ball down the field but lost it in a crucial fumble.

It was all Brown after that, running the ball to the 15, then getting stopped at the 1-yard line before punching it in on her third try, putting Black up 27-21 in overtime for the win.

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