CDOT Speed Map

Late Friday, Colorado Department of Transportation issued a travel advisory urging the public not to park along highways near the Decker Fire and lowering speed limits on U.S. 50 east of Salida and U.S. 285 south of Poncha Pass.

The release stated motorists should be aware there is no stopping, parking or standing outside of vehicles along highway shoulders.

“We understand the public is very curious about the fire,” Tyler Carlson, CDOT Maintenance Supervisor, said. “But when we have vehicles stopped on the side of the road and people getting out of their cars, it is creating a hazard for other passing vehicles. The highways must be kept clear with no obstructions for fire and emergency personnel and equipment moving about in the area.”

CDOT reduced speed limits on 50 and 285 to provide increased safety along these highways.

“All motorists, including the traveling public, commercial drivers and emergency personnel are urged to obey the reduced speed limits,” Carlson said.

• U.S. 50: Just east of Salida, motorists will encounter a speed limit of 40 mph on a seven-mile stretch from the junction of 50 and Colo. 291 (mile post 223) east to approximately Wellsville (mile post 230).

• U.S. 285: Seven miles south of Poncha Springs, drivers will encounter a speed reduction of 50 mph for a 4-mile stretch from the top of Poncha Pass south (mile posts 119-115).

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