Greg and Susan Felt celebrate

Greg Felt stands with wife Susan inside the Salida Golf Club, where supporters of his campaign gathered to celebrate his win in the District 2 Chaffee County commissioner election.

Unaffiliated candidate Greg Felt won the District 2 Chaffee County commissioner race Tuesday with 41 percent, or 4,578 of the 11,037 votes cast, according to preliminary results from the Chaffee County clerk’s office at 9:34 p.m. Tuesday.

Republican Dave Williams finished second with 30 percent, or 3,351 votes.

Democrat Bill Dvorak received 28 percent, or 3,108 votes.

At an election night party at the Salida Golf Club, Felt thanked those who had contributed their money, time and political clout to his campaign.

“Obviously you need money to do all this stuff, and money makes it possible,” Felt said. “Money is also motivation. When someone makes that investment in you, it gets you up at 4 in the morning every day and you just keep working on it.”

Felt also thanked his opponents for their civility during the race.

He said “it has been a bruising race at times,” but “direct interactions with other candidates during this time have actually been cordial if not congenial.”

Felt ended by asking residents to “come back together and work for the strength and future of Chaffee County.”

Williams said he did not regret running his campaign on a much smaller budget than the other two candidates.

Dvorak said he is confident that Felt will serve Chaffee County well.

“I think Greg will do a great job. The hardest part of this campaign has been campaigning against someone I consider to be a very good friend,” said Dvorak.

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