The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office announced it is taking steps to reduce face-to-face interactions in light of COVID-19 cases within the state.

According to a press release, the office will implement the following, effective immediately:

All on-site jail visits are discontinued until further notice. Visitation can still occur via telephone, email or letter. Phone visitation will occur during the same hours as regular visitation.

Volunteer programs are temporarily suspended until further notice.

Fingerprinting services are temporarily suspended until further notice.

VIN inspection services are temporarily suspended until further notice.

Concealed handgun permits will be still be accepted online at Previous appointments for photos and fingerprints will need to be rescheduled through staff. Emergency need (domestic violence victim or other protected party) will be assessed on a case by case basis

Calls for service:

CRCA Frecom (Combined Regional Communications Authority) dispatch will still receive all calls for service through its normal phone line, 719-276-5555, option 8.

CRCA Frecom will assess each situation as it comes in. If you are reporting a crime that is in progress and is a risk to persons or property, a deputy will be dispatched. If it is any other incident that is not active and not posing an immediate threat, a deputy will return a phone call to the reporting party.

Public window: The public window within the sheriff’s office lobby will be open for civil papers and records.

The sheriff’s office said its goal is to still provide services to the community while carrying out its mission and minimizing exposure to protect Fremont County residents.

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