Salida Public Works Director David Lady recently provided an overview of each of the city’s five main streets maintenance projects for 2019: its location, when the work was done or is scheduled to be done, what type of work was performed and how much each project cost.

The projects are:

• Fifth Street rehabilitation project, currently underway from I Street to Poncha Boulevard. Improvements included curb, gutter, drainage upgrades and sidewalks that will connect pedestrians from Poncha Boulevard to the Monarch Spur Trail. Concrete work is complete and paving is scheduled the week of Sept. 16.

Wood Avenue rehabilitation project, currently underway from Oak Street to Caldwell Street. The water main has been installed and services line installations are in progress. Street work including pavement and partial curb, gutter and sidewalk replacement will be underway in the next one to two weeks. Wood Avenue and Fifth Street were bid together with a total of $516,852 for the street-related work.

• C Street reconstruction. This project is focused on C Street from Seventh to Ninth streets in 2019. Teller Street to Seventh Street was completed in 2018. The paving and concrete work were completed this past week with an anticipated opening on Sept. 20. These improvements also provided a pedestrian connection to the middle school and high school facilities. The current phase was bid with a total of $229,606 for the street related-work.

• E Street rehabilitation. This project will go from Sackett Avenue to First Street from mid-September through October. E Street from First to Fourth streets was completed in 2018. Work primarily involves water main replacement and street work, including pavement and partial curb, gutter and sidewalk replacement. The current phase was bid with a total of $79,618 for the street-related work.

• The 2019 Street Maintenance Project: Included asphalt point repairs, crack sealing, chip sealing and fog sealing a number of streets. These types of maintenance activities are typically completed on roads with minor to moderate distress but not requiring reconstruction. Major work activities were on Holman Avenue, Airport Road, New Street, Scott Street, Chilcott Street, Wood Avenue east of Oak Street, Fifth Street from Park Avenue to I Street and crack sealing on numerous other streets. Work was bid out as separate projects with a total cost of approximately $257,710.

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