Magicians “Mr. E” and Kyle Groves will present “Reach for the Stars,” a program sponsored by Salida Regional Library, at 10 a.m. June 12 at A Church, 419 D St.

Doors open at 9:45 a.m.

This year libraries around the country will celebrate “A Universe of Stories” as their summer reading program, with a focus on space exploration, according to a press release.

One of the program’s premises is that some of the most alluring places on Earth are found in the universe of books, where readers are whisked away into “infinite worlds of enchantment, discovery and learning.”

“Mr. E” said he discovered his passion for magic as a boy in a small library in Montana. After discovering a book on the subject, he recalled being smitten by the world of magic.

“I read and reread that book many times,” “Mr. E” said in the release. “If I hadn’t discovered the library, I might never have discovered a lifelong love of magic and entertainment.”

He then passed along the love of reading to his son, Kyle. Both said that developing a love of reading and books is more important than ever in this age of information and rapid technological change.

“We tell everyone to dream big, and if they read enough books, they can be anything they want to be,” “Mr. E” said.

He, wife Kathy and Kyle run The Party People & Theater of Mystery in Pueblo. This year they will perform their show for more than 60 libraries in states across the Rocky Mountain region, including Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico and Montana.

The magic show, for both kids and adults, features guests like the “Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon” and things like a Space Alien Library Sign and a bucket designed to collect stars. It includes comedy, appropriate mood-setting music and the message of “read, read, read.”

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