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Data analysis by The Washington Post indicates that from 2006-2012 a total of 5,576,870 prescription pain pills was supplied to Chaffee County.

The data came from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Automation of Reports and Consolidation Orders System (ARCOS) and was acquired by The Washington Post as a result of a court order following a year-long fight to gain access to the database.

The shipments analyzed were oxycodone and hydrocodone pills, which account for approximately three-fourths of the total opioid shipments to pharmacies.

Of the Chaffee County pharmacies in business during that time, the highest number of pills, 1,643,100, was received by City Market Pharmacy in Buena Vista.

Other local pharmacies included:

Walmart (Salida) – 1,589,770 pills.

Safeway (Salida) – 892,820 pills.

Lallier Pharmacy (Salida) – 772,950 pills.

Buena Vista Drug – 675,730 pills.

In terms of location, Salida pharmacies received a total of 3,255,540 pain pills and Buena Vista pharmacies received 2,318,830 between 2006 and 2012.

The balance of 2,500 pain pills was received by local physicians Matthew Burkley (900) and Thomas White (200) and veterinarians Greg Kettering (800), Janet Varhus (300) and Benjamin Hill (300).

The top five manufacturers providing the pain pills to local pharmacies were:

SpecGX LLC – 3,697,900.

Actavis Pharma, Inc. – 576,000.

Par Pharmaceutical – 444,950.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC – 263,700.

Purdue Pharma LP – 248,220.

Data indicated that 1,022,073,725 prescription pain pills were supplied to the state of Colorado during the 2006-2012 time frame.

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