Decker Fire activity map as of Oct. 4, 10:30am

The Decker Fire has burned 5,348 acres as of Thursday evening, public information officer Jonathan Ashford said.

Ashford said the infrared plane, which takes a more accurate measurement, was able to fly last night, and so a revised acreage should be available later today.

Firefighting efforts remain at 5 percent contained this morning. 

The fire saw some good humidity recovery last night, Ashford said, a lot better than we’ve been seeing.

Crews are anticipating south/southeast winds of up to 40 miles per hour on ridgelines in the mid-afternoon, which would lead to a fairly active afternoon for the fire.

The operation has added a helicopter, Ashford said, and there will be a robust air presence on the fire this morning with bucket drops and retardant to get ahead of the anticipated wind.

On the north end of the fire, crews will continue direct attacks on the fire today, Ashford said, especially in the Boot Hill neighborhood and the Powerline Road, where they saw success yesterday.

On the west end, crews will continue scouting and putting in containment lines, Ashford said.

On the east side, Ashford said, crews will prep areas toward Howard, conducting structureal assessments for advance planning purposes.

Crews are also working on getting to the radio towers on Methodist Mountain to assess damage, Ashford said.

Residents on the north and east side of the fire could be affected by smoke this afternoon because of the winds, Ashford said.

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