Salidan Jennifer Snodgrass, 22, was arrested on multiple charges after allegedly eluding police, running stop signs, driving under the influence of drugs and eventually crashing into another vehicle Friday night on F Street.

The incident began around 8:38 p.m. when a Salida police officer spotted a vehicle he was familiar with, a black Jeep, which he suspected was being driven by a driver with a suspended license, Salida Police Chief Russ Johnson said.

Johnson said the officer got behind the Jeep on U.S. 50 heading east. The Jeep then moved into the right lane like it was going to turn, then cut back into the left lane and turned left onto Oak Street.

The vehicle was starting to pull away from the officer, so after it turned west on Illinois Street, the officer turned his lights on.

The vehicle then ran a stop sign at Illinois and Hunt streets and continued westbound. At that point, the officer turned on his sirens and told the communications center the vehicle had failed to stop.

Johnson said the Jeep continued, making rapid accelerations then slowing down between blocks. It turned left on Eighth Street and then right on Jones, failing to stop again.

At that point, the on-duty supervisor advised the officer to shut down the pursuit.

The Jeep, however, kept speeding through town.

The Jeep turned west on 12th Street, tapped its brake lights at E Street but didn’t stop. Then, at 12th and F streets, Johnson said it failed to yield and smashed into the side of a GMC truck.

After the impact, the GMC crashed into a power pole and knocked it down before coming to a stop in the yard and up against the house at 1204 F St.

Johnson said the Jeep’s speed was estimated at 50 mph when it collided with the GMC.

“The on-duty supervisor did the right thing by calling off the chase,” Johnson said. “Unfortunately the driver continued to drive erratically, causing the accident.”

The two people in the GMC, Frances Dismuke, 56, and Scott Dismuke, 59, of Golden were both taken to Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center and kept overnight for unspecified injuries, Johnson said.

“They both had on their seat belts, which was key to having less injuries,” Johnson said.

Snodgrass suffered no injuries and was medically cleared to go to jail.

Snodgrass had two warrants at the time of the arrest, both for failure to comply with probation, with no-bond holds.

Snodgrass’ new charges include vehicular assault causing serious bodily injury; vehicular eluding causing serious bodily injury; aggravated motor vehicle theft; driving under the influence of drugs; unlawful use of a controlled substance; driving under restraint; reckless driving; failing to stop at stop signs; and failure to use turn signals.

Johnson said the officers on the scene suspected Snodgrass was under the influence of narcotics during the incident.

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