Kim Shaffer hosts a kickboxing class

Kim’s Gym owner Kim Shaffer hosts a kickboxing class as part of the gym’s new online workout series. Videos can be accessed by members and nonmembers at

With COVID-19 precautions restricting gym access, Kim’s Gym has begun producing video workout classes and posting them to its website.

The YouTube videos are exclusively posted to for members and nonmembers. However, they are unlisted on YouTube.

Most instructors who taught at the gym before it temporarily closed have been filming workouts either at their homes or at the gym with a camera donated by Mountain Pawn & Gun.

Before moving online, the gym hosted 35 classes a week. Shaffer said they want to have at least one class per format posted consistently on the site. They are trying to film up to four classes a week.

Members are not being charged while the gym is closed.

Shaffer was initially planning to host classes outdoors so they would be in line with social distancing guidelines, but now that guidelines have become even stricter, they will be pushed back to summer. Classes will include power walking with the weight training class and hip station workouts in the parking lot.

Members can borrow sanitized equipment from the gym at no cost. Pieces that can be borrowed include rowers, spin bikes, dumbbells, barbells and benches. Heavier equipment cannot be borrowed.

Equipment will need to be returned once the facility reopens. After borrowers contact the gym, the equipment will be placed outside the facility.

While some class workouts are more effective with gym equipment, classes have been minimized to adapt to all personal situations.

Shaffer said member reception to the online programs has been great so far, with members even filming and sharing themselves working out.

By next week, she hopes to produce a Richard Simmons tribute video in collaboration with domestic abuse prevention nonprofit The Alliance, to help raise funds for the organization in coming months. Once completed, The Alliance will post it on its website, where people will have to donate to have access to it. It will also be posted on the gym’s website.

Shaffer said it is important to continue a regular workout regimen because one of the only ways to increase one’s immune system is through muscle movement in the lymphatic system.

She said she is thankful for her trainers and manager for helping online programs come to fruition.

While COVID-19 restrictions have affected her gym’s daily operations, Shaffer said she is grateful it has not been as harsh for them as it has been for other local businesses.

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