Cast and crew from the Salida High School drama team’s production of “Hamlet” get together during a recent rehearsal. They are taking the show “on the road” to compete in the Colorado Thespian Conference (Thescon) and will open their last dress rehearsal to the public at 6:15 p.m. Tuesday at A Church, 419 D St. From left front are Ellie Rodak (sound designer), Maya Vallevona (Polonius, priest and gentlewoman), Jessie Rollins (Queen Gertude) and Danica Hinerman (crew). Middle: Alicia Hesselton (Rosencrantz and Bernardo), Melissa Russell (Ophelia), Alexis Gage (ghost and Osric), Rebecca Russell (Horatio), Sydney Johnson (stage manager), Hannah Frost (light designer) and Wyatt Velharticky (Laertes and Guildenstern.) Back: Ethan Sterle (Francisco), Matthew Jacobi (originally Hamlet), Michael Jacobi (King Claudius), Trey Andreas (crew), Cooper Hodge (crew), Robert Gutierrez (crew), Jade Barron (assistant stage manager), Madi Ferraro (crew), Elliot Maes (crew) and Vander Ritchie (Hamlet).

The Salida High School drama team’s production of “Hamlet,” under the direction of Devon Kasper and assistant coach Cat Schleicher, earned a superior rating at the annual Colorado Thespian Conference Thursday through Saturday in Denver.

Hannah Frost, who had two judges, received one superior and one excellent rating for her lighting plot in an individual event.

Superior is the highest possible rating.

Commenting on the performance, the judge gave superior ratings in character, movement and professionalism and excellent ratings in voice and overall presentation.

Judges on lighting design gave Frost excellent ratings in interpretation, aesthetics, execution and safety and superior ratings in professionalism, interpretation and presentation for an overall excellent rating.

The cast featured Vander Ritchie as Hamlet, Michael Jacobi as Claudius, Jessie Rollins as Gertrude, Wyatt Velharticky as Laertes and Guildenstern, Melissa Russell as Ophelia and Marcellus, Maya Vallevona as Polonius, Gentlewoman and Priest, Rebecca Russell as Horatio, Lexi Gage as the ghost and Osric, Alicia Hesselton as Bernardo and Rosencrantz and Ethan Sterle as Francisco.

The crew included Sydney Johnson, Jade Barron, Ellie Rodak, Hannah Frost, Elliot Hales, Madi Ferraro, Robert Gutierrez, Danica Hinerman, Bella Kintgen, Jed Green, Daemon Kerrigan, Tess Derracott and Jen Lobeck.

While the SHS drama team was not among the three teams chosen to go on to the International Thespian Festival in June, Kasper said, “We were thrilled to bring an entire one-act play to the festival and do so well. It was so much work, and I’m so proud of the team for their endurance, focus, commitment and skill.

“Thank you to the administration and to Salida for your continued support, and we hope to see you at our next show in March.”

She noted special thanks to the Salida Rotary Club for a donation of $1,200, which helped send the 23 students to the conference.

An assembly to recognize the accomplishments of the team is planned after the winter break.

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