Chaffee County Public Health

Chaffee County Public Health announced it will host daily Facebook Live COVID-19 updates at noon Monday through Thursday and virtual town halls at 12:30 p.m. Fridays, both on Facebook Live on the COVID-19 Chaffee County page and Zoom, starting today.

The updates will give a short update to the current national, state and local landscape of COVID-19, a press release stated.

Virtual town halls will last about a half hour, followed by 15 minutes of questions and answers by a subject-matter expert panel. Town Halls will be recorded and shared with local media.

In addition, Chaffee County Public Health will set up informational boards at local public venues, such as Walmart, Safeway and City Market, for those who are not on the internet to find out information associated with COVID-19.

The health department is also looking into other ways to share information and resources with the county.

“Chaffee County Public Health understands that our community needs regular communications through a wide range of strategies to understand the significant impact COVID-19 is having locally and beyond,” Andrea Carlstrom, county public health director, said.

“We hope that these daily check-ins and weekly town halls will help curb rumors and ease anxieties. We want our community to have accurate and timely information and resources during a very dynamic and uncertain time.”

To access the Zoom meeting on Friday, call 669-900-6833 with meeting ID No. 4328290633. For questions, contact Chaffee County Public Health at 719-539-4510.

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